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Center image within one half of layer

Hey! I'm new to Gimp and I'm trying to create greeting cards. I have an image on one side and text and a logo on the back - and I'm trying to figure out how to center these things into each 'half' of the background. (I've created a guide for the half-way point by dragging down a ruler from the top of the document.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


First use the Rectangle Select tool to select the left half of your image. Then double-click on the Align Tool to raise its Options dialog. Choose "Selection" from the drop-down list for the 'Relative To' option. Now click in the image window on the graphic that is supposed to be positioned over the left side of the background, and then click on the "Align Center of Target" button in the Options dialog (it looks something like >|<). This will center the graphic horizontally (in the left half of the image). If you wish to center the graphic vertically, then also click on the "Align Middle of Target" button (directly below the first button you used).

Next invert your selection (so the right half of the image is selected) and, still using the Align Tool, click on the text/logo in the image window, and then click on the appropriate Align buttons in the Options dialog.

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