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How to download plug ins

I am new to GIMP and cannot figure out how to download the plug-ins. Where to I download or save them to? and which program do I use to open them?


I am new, too. I've tried to download a plug-in but there is a TXT file instead of it at the link.

Hm.. It seems that I've found the solution. I've just changed the file name extension from .txt to .py and suddenly it worked! But I am still not sure that this is the correct way...

I can't figure it out- Someone said to change part of the file name to py. or something like that, but I couldn't even find the file. I'm very confused. Can someone help, please?

I think you right click and click "Save target as.." but I'm not sure.

how to download gimp plugins

All you have to do is go here and then find your plug in and left click on it and it will download

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