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How do I save to Jpg in GIMP 2.8

Apparently the current version of GIMP no longer includes an option in the file type drop-down to save as gpg or many other types. I have been emailing my files to another computer where an older version of GIMP is installed to save as gpg but this is ridiculous. Can anyone tell me how to save as gpg in the new version 2.8?

Please give step by step instructions I am not a tech and graphic design and GIMP are all new to me. Please give me baby step-by-step instructions on how to do this. I've looked all over the net and can't find an answer, I really appreciate any help.


When desiring to save an image as a jpeg: Click File>Export to>at bottom select jpeg or other image desire>title image at the top> click export button at bottom>it will take you to file in which to save image.

I agree with what has been said with regard to the design error in GIMP 2.8.
And a big mistake to project that by opening and editing a format 'png' this does not simply have to be exported and saved.
I hope this will be solved as soon as possible in the spirit of the Open-Source.
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sorry for the noisiness just read the answer.... my comment is no longer needed

Fie>Export OR Export To (if it's an image you opened in Gimp you have another option).


I have read the rationale for the change in the save features, and I understand it. However, I am a long-time Gimp user and I do not want this change.

I was using the new Gimp today for some routine image editing ( cropping PNG files ). In this use case, there is no loss since I am saving a single layer in a lossless format. The main problem is that, even after exporting, Gimp will ask if you want to save on exit. Since this dialogue appears regardless of whether I have exported my work, it is uninformative, and I have to click to close it every time. This creates a hazard because, when I actually do forget to export my work to PNG, I don't get any useful notice when I exit Gimp, and I lose my changes. For now, I will be using an older version of Gimp that is safer for my use-case.

A related anecdote, which relates to Gimp's trend to target a narrow set of professional users on certain platforms, is that I recently wanted to recommend Gimp as a good free alternative to Photoshop for my mother. The Gimp interface was too confusing for her to to use, and the new GUI design was too slow for the application to run in a usable manner. We ended up searching for and downloading a version of Gimp from circa 2007. I'm not sure which version it was, but the user experience was infinitely better. The interface was responsive and the menu system intuitive. If Gimp developers continue in the direction they have taken over the last few years, then they will destroy the most usable open-source alternative to photoshop for the typical user. In the future, when a friend or family member asks, I will tell them that there isn't really a practical raster image editor on linux, and if they want a reliable experience, the should just pay for Photoshop on OSX and or Windows.

I understand that the developers of Gimp are donating their time, and so have no responsibility to the users. It makes sense that if you are coding for free, that you would want to code "fun" and "elegant" features that match what you think the product should be, and that you have every right to ignore user feedback. So I don't begrudge them for moving in this direction, but I think it is a loss for many users. I enjoyed using Gimp in the past but I will be looking for other software in the future.

I don't mind changes and that gimp evolves. Thats great, but don't mess with the basic workflow. A quick touch and go edit of a file has suddenly become more complicated. Make it an option for high end users. Most of the time, we do not want to save a file in gimp native format. Comments like "use a simpler tool then" is arrogance which has killed many great open source projects or programming languages.

I too find the loss of ability to save as any type frustrating. However, I have noticed there's an alternative - in the file menu, you can click Overwrite [filename] and it will export it to the original format, bypassing one dialogue.

However, and this is my main complaint about the change, it doesn't solve the problem of GIMP then telling you you haven't saved the image when you quit. It wouldn't be so bad if there was more information in this dialogue saying something along the lines of "you haven't made any changes to the image since you exported it."

I wish someone would let me know why Gimp made it so hard to save files as jpeg, I guess some folks just like the idea of reinventing the wheel.


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