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Need Help- Cycle saving every combination of layers

Hi Folks, I have spent a lot of time looking for a solution before posting but haven't found a one. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have an xcf with 12 (always less than 50) layers. One layer is my background image and is always visible. The other layers get turned on and off in various combination and saved as export for web .jpg or png.

For example: Background layer (layer 0) is visible and layer 1 is on, I will export this combination of layers 0 and 1 with save for web. Next: Background layer 0 is visible and layer 1,3,5 will be made visible, then...export for web. Next: background layer 0 visible and layers 2,3,5,7,9 will be made visible...export to web. Next. all layers might be on and on for every possible combination. The process of turning on and off layers and printing the corresponding images is very tedious and time consuming.

Note: This is NOT an animation, and not frames for animations. This is simply making images of every combination of layers as still images for use on a website.

Does anyone know of a gimp 2.8 script that will perform this task and automatically cycle through every possible combination of layers and and save every one them as jpg and bmp??

A script for this could probably be written if you didn't care which layers were opened with the bg layer (which you say is visible with every save), other wise it would be impossible for a script to "guess" which combination of layers you needed visible and not visible at any given time.
Or am i misunderstanding something?


I've asked you questions about this back on GimpTalk where you've crossposted your request

I hope you realize that there are over a half quadrillion possible combinations of 50 layers. If your saved file size were a thousand bytes, this would require over 500 petabytes of disk space. If the script processed the images at a rate of one image every microsecond, it will still take almost 20 years to finish.

Even with only 12 layers you are looking at over 2000 different combinations.

Though this is certainly feasible from a scripting standpoint, I think you are going to want to more precisely constrain your goals.

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