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Hiding GIMP Output Window?

I've got some great scripts working via a .bat file but once processing has completed, there are still 2 windows remaining on the screen:

1) The GIMP Output Window which has the text
2) My batch file cmd window (which closes automatically once a key is pressed in the first window)

I know this is relatively trivial, but is there a way to either hide the GIMP Output window altogether, or to send a keypress to it which will close it? Any assistance greatly appreciated!

What is your batch command line to call GIMP?

You should be using gimp-console.exe and then you won't get the separate GIMP output window.

Ah OK, I've switched to gimp-console-2.8.exe which doesn't show the window :)

I do however get an error during the script as follows:

(gimp-console-2.8.exe:5916): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: gimp-console-2.8.exe: gimp_
wire_read(): error

But oddly, the script still seems to complete and the files are processed and output exactly where I want them. Strange...

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