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Issues in GAP with layer/frame renumbering and frame density?

I've looked about a bit to see if this has been covered elsewhere; I didn't see anything, so hopefully I didn't miss it.

Gimp 2.8, GAP, Vista

I've been playing around with animated gifs, GAP and pulling frame ranges out of videos recently. One issue I keep having is that when I end up with hundreds of frames (obviously far too many) I try using "Frames Density" (to reduce frames by 1/2 for example) but the ranges I am able to choose randomly vary from 1-1, 3-3, 2-3, etc and this results invariably in a single frame after Frame Density is used. One guess I had was that perhaps the frame names and numbers were the issue, but the Renumber Frames option does nothing - leaving me, I imagine, to have to manually edit Layer Attributes to what I think might be a format that will work, but I'm not even sure if that is the root cause.

The videos I have been pulling frame ranges from have been MP4s, and the frames have been named along these lines:

Frame02006 (16ms)
Frame02005 (16ms)
Frame02004 (16ms)

For the range of the most recent animated gif I have atm, we're talking Frame01990 - Frame02105. I suppose I could manually edit the names, or even manually delete the odd or even numbered frames and double delay to 32ms or something similar, but that's a lot of deleting and editing! :D

I had also thought that .xcf/.gif might be the issue, as originally I was exporting to .gif - but I tried both converting back to .xcf as well as going back to earlier versions from before I had exported to .gif, and I still had the same issues (renumber would not work, density only seems to recognize that 1, 2, or maybe 3 frames even exist).

Otherwise I can create animated gifs just fine, it's the renumber and Density video options I'm having trouble with.

I looked around for similar issues but I didn't see any - is there some Id10t error of mine that stands out to anyone? If not I'll just have to do it manually.


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GAP is not designed to work with multi-layer animations directly, it is designed that each frame is a separate image.

If you have a multi-layer GIF file, use "Video->Split Image to Frames" to save each layer to a separate frame file. You may need to run "Filters->Animation->Unoptimize" first, and it wouldn't hurt to convert the image to RGB ("Image->Mode->RGB").

However, if you have converted an MP4 file then you should already have each frame stored as a separate file on disk. You just need to change the frame density from the open frame image.

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