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How do you install xcf tools on a mac

I am a beginner to some of the tools and need some pointing in the right direction.
i tried to install the tools so i can import images from gimp in to Blender program but the terminal keeps giving me error messages...

PDF for GIMP.pdf19.18 KB

I am having similar problems but am not quite to the point of asking intelligent questions and so will just be watching to see what help this post yields and if it seems applicable.

First you need to install a few dependencies required by xcftools as listed at the link below:

Mac comes with most of them installed. However you might not have libpng in which case you can grab the latest version using a package manager like brew. Once you have that out of the way you'll need to compile xcftools from source. You can grab the source files from github at the following link:

Follow the instructions in the readme. You might run into problems with the 'make install' command; in which case you'll have to install the compiled binaries manually. To do that, just copy 'xcf2png', 'xcf2pnm' and 'xcfinfo' directly to '/usr/local/bin'. Those commands will then be globally accessible from the command-line and in turn Blender. Hope that helps.

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