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Printing Problems

I'm trying to print our my Designs but on the print its enlarged for example if Im printing a 6.5wide by 1.5 high picture it prints out bigger than the 8.5 x 11 sheet of paer PEASE HELP!


I'm having the same problem you. I'm a brand new Gimp user, and one of the first things I did after getting the Gimp was to try scanning and printing a black and white drawing of 6 x 9 onto an 8.5 x 11 sheet, saved at 600 dpi. No editing was done to the scan. I saved it as a TIF. But the printed result is only a small corner of my drawing massively enlarged in the lower right corner of the sheet. There is also a double thinline frame at left and top of the sheet. I am not a computer novice. I've tried various things to fix this, but I keep getting the same result. Hopefully, the answer to this problem is easy and obvious, and it's stumping us just because we're Gimp newbies. Will somebody please answer? Thanks

I've got the same problem. Printing a standard PNG image on a Windoze VISTA box using the Gimp 2.4.6 resulted in it being greatly enlarged. (By at least a factor of 10.) Printing the image using Microsoft's pre-installed image viewer resulted in an image of the correct size. I created the PNG image on a Win-XP box using the same version of gimp.

Strahan: Thanks for the tip. Your method worked for me. But I feel sure there's got to be a way to print from within GIMP. It just doesn't seem right to I have to open the image in another program. I'm going to keep searching for a way to fix this problem. I'll report here if and when I discover an answer. Thanks again.

Printing problems on Mircosoft Windows are known. For printing, GIMP does use the printing API of GTK+ (the framework used for the GUI and other platform-dependent stuff), and this is known to be buggy on Windows.

What would be helpful is a few users who do have at least basic knowledge of and are interested in developing GTK+-based apps on Windows, and do want to have a look at the printing-related bugs in Bugzilla.

I am also having this problem and am also a Gimp newbie. Right now I am saving the file and opening it on another machine with Photoshop. Kind of defeats the purpose....

I have installed gimp 2.4.7 and 2.6.1 on different windows machines (xp and vista) and printnig does not work from within the gimp. I have searched everything, but there doesnot seem to be a simple solution. The solution I use is copying the image to a windows program (even word or wordpad do the trick) and print from there. That works well, but I agree it would be nicer to print from gimp directely.

They = gimp = just don't get it!

After scanning a high quality album CD back cover in Windows XP-SP3, I used Gimp to fix a color and to put both the front cover and back cover in one picture. I realized that the 5.912(5)" width that correlated to the 2365 pixels @ 400 PPI or DPI would yield a 5.912" output. My printed version, however, was about 6.0625" via a 64 th inch metal ruler, so I used a ratio 6.0625" / 5.9125" * 400ppi and got 410ppi. 1.025% is the correction factor that worked for me. Then the height was too small, but it must be between 400 and 410. I got 403. My height in pixels is 3734 and 403 ppi not 400ppi works. 1.0075% is the correction factor for height.

correction factor Width = 1.025% * PPI in gimp to fix too BiG a print out correction factor Height = 1.0075% * PPI in gimp to fix too big a print out.

Select Image, Scale Image, Linear--I hope--and undo the lock link icon to select different PPI for X and Y. If these correction factors ain't linear then all bets are off, and gimp becomes imp. Once gimp is used for editing and saved all other photo tools will use the correct gimp values, which unless corrected are WrOnG!!

This process is a place to start to possibly fix your printing problems. It worked for me but on only 1 one test.

Lastly, for some reason Gimp refused to use my best quality print. I used a TIFF and printed it with another application (Alterna TIFF) Browser plugin. GIMP just became gimp! Perhaps imp is better still?

I print on XP with Gimp 2.6.11 to both a Xerox laser printer, a samsung laser printer, and an epson inkjet.

I have never had a scale issue.

I know my scanner does not produce 100% accurate scans - they are distorted in both directions (consistently) and I have to apply a scale factor, as stated by Ken. As far as I am concerned, this is an issue with the scanner/train software, not Gimp.

Additionally, I have found some of the cheaper train drivers (canon lide scanner, for example) do NOT accurately report the scan resolution, so If I scan as 1200spi or 300 dpi it ends up being the default (72 dpi) in gimp, and requires an image rescale to change the dpi as well as the smaller distortion corrections, or (as indicated by folks in this thread) the image will print out HUGE.

-Rob A>

Select Print and then Image Settings. Check Ignore Page Margins box, insure paper size (Units), X: resolution / Y: resolution (Units) is correct as scanned or desired, and insure minimum margins (white space) for printer is met. I created a Custom Print profile for my HP printer. GIMP seems to do a better printing job than any of my limited photo tools. Lastly, sorry for the imp remark 1.5 yrs. ago.

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