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Another thin arrow GIMP Python plug-in called 'ArrowsCreator'.

It's characteristics are:

-produces many different types of straight arrows
-produces one type of 'path' arrow
-facilitates combination of multiple arrows
-interactive with GIMP
-developed on GIMP 2.6 (work on 2.8 except no repeat gradient in shaft and GIMP don't control brush size).

ATTENTION: don't change layer during execution of the plug-in. Also on my computer begin to get sluggish for certain type of arrow in image greater than 7 Mpx.

The basic arrow types (0-5) in version 0.1, a blue 'multi-segmented' arrow and the initial window are illustrated below

After an extraction of the zip archive in the '.../.gimp-2.x/plug-ins' directory it should appears in GIMP under the menu: "(Image)/Extensions/Plugins-Python/Tools/Arrows creator..." or your choice at first start of GIMP .

[Edit 2013/04/11] version 0.2 compatible with GIMP-2.8
[[Edit 2014/05/09] Corrected some bugs and continue last edit. This terminate what I want to do for version 0.2 . From now only bug correction.

For GIMP 2.8.14, I suggest you download version 0.3 of the plug-in at:

Bye, Robert.

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any chance you will be updating this plugin for Gimp-2.8?


Hi Rod,
Still don't know how to change the size, in a plug-in if possible, of the 'Hardness 100' brush in GIMP-2.8 .
But your question have encouraged me to try again with the old brush and it is accepted now.
So today I have updated it to GIMP-2.8, hope you find it pleasant to use.

- Rob

Create a duplicate of the brush (gimp-brush-duplicate) and then change the radius of the duplicate (gimp-brush-set-radius). Alternately, you could create a new brush (gimp-brush-new), change its hardness to 1.0 (gimp-brush-set-hardness), and its radius to what you want (the remaining defaults are the same for the "2. Hardness 100" brush).

Remember to delete the brush when you're done.

Hi Saulgoode,
So not possible to change the size of the original name brush (like I was trying to do, to imitate GIMP)
but can change the size of one made by the plug-in (which can be a copy)!

If you go to Edit->Preferences->Folders->Brushes and set the folder containing your original brushes (/usr/share/GIMP/2.0/brushes on my system) to be Writable AND your user has permissions to that directory (typically this requires root or Administrator privileges) then you will be able to modify the brush.

I've noticed that more then a few things such as gradients are also missing in 2.8; not sure why the developers chose to leave them out; I just placed German Flag Smooth in my user gradient folder (kept 2.6x) and will indeed add more items as I see them no longer in GIMP 2.8. I suppose if you know what brushes you used for your arrows, you can zip them up and add them to this thread so that folk can place them in their user brush folder as a temporary fix. :)

Hi 'lylelk',

Your suggestion of the above reasonable fix, prompted me to test my assumption further. Sorry to say that after implementing the proposed fix, old brushes appears in GIMP 2.8 RC1 and works there but not for the plug-in.
And they are not necessary just for that.

They were not forgotten but place with some others in folder: 'C:\Users\Robert\gimp_2_8_0_RC1-64bits\share\gimp\2.0\brushes\gimp-obsolete-files\'. From that, a possible conclusion is there a break from the past (2.6) in plug-in access to those brushes.

Robert: Great job with this plug-in! I was just referring to wanting something like this, yesterday. Haha!

I love how you can bend the paths, add nodes, remove nodes, and still modify the path arrow, and then go to the next arrow. Wow!

I concur with Rod! Totally awesome!

The arrow is drawn as you create it on the image.
I love it! :)



Still, I can't draw arrow in 2.8


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