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Editing psd files

I purchased this graphics package with editable psd files. It was recommended to use photoshop to edit. I have been using Gimp and I am suppose to be able to edit these files with this program as well.

I am able to view the layers and manipulate the images but I can not click on the layers to change the text, colors, etc.

I found a plugin that said it makes that possible. But I am not able to get my plugins to work either??

I follow a tutorial on extracting plugins into Gimp but I get an error when I start it for those plugins. So I am having trouble installing plugins as well.

Can anyone help with this problem.


Can you provide the URL to that plug-in? I'm not aware of one that claims to improve the PSD support in GIMP, but it is of course possible that someone has worked on the PSD loader and made it available somewhere.

PSD files are not fully compatible with Gimp. If a layer uses Photoshop´s Layer FX, it won´t show up correctly in Gimp.
And text layers will not be editable as text.

All layers should be rasterized in PS before saving if You want them to open correctly in Gimp. Add text in Gimp?

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