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NEWBIE-How to install Python .py Plugin File???

I installed python - pycairo - pygobject and pygtk then I installed GIMP.

I go to Filters > Python-fu and I see Console.

According to the directions at:

I should be able install these ebook plugins. I placed the .py files in the "lib > gimp > 2.0 > python" folder.

But when I restart GIMP and go to Filters, I don't see Ebook anywhere.

Please help.



Just in case someone reads this, the python files go in your "plug-ins" folder, not the "python" folder.

There are two places to put them:

Multi-user location, depending on your OS, will be located in the GIMP installation library folder.
(example Win 7: - C:/Program Files (x86)/GIMP-2.0/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins)

Single-user (recommended) will be in your User folder under the hidden folder .gimp-2.6
(example Win 7 - C:/Users/<username>/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins)

Thats were I put my plugins and they are not appearing??

And these are your plug-in folders? Look them up in GIMP's preferences.

A big problem I had -- and still have -- is not making the plugin executable. Don't forget to do that. In Linux you just right click, Properties, Permissions and tick the Execute box. In Windows, it should be something similar.

No need in windows to "make the plugin executable"...are already executable

Anyway you may RIGHT click on the file, in the dropdown menu chose "proprieties"
If "read only" there is checked, just uncheck,click apply, then OK, that is the closest

But ,weird as may sound, flag them "read only" will only make them hard to delete even if for the computer admin, not block their execution , so is better Uncheck "Read Only" box but not because is a obstacle to run the plugin but because will become a ostacle to delete or replace with newer version

Right click the file - select properties - tick unblock - click apply - click okay.
Sometimes that works.

Thanks for posting that tip, Rod.

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