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Looking for a quite particular effect..

Hi guys,

First post here.

I'm trying to make an effect on a simple rectangular graphic that I have. I'm trying to create that 'infinity' look. I can achieve a representation of the effect by holding up my webcam to my laptop screen. I've attached a pic to illustrate.

I considered copy-pasting the entire layer, rotating, and lowering the image each time, and decreasing the size, but it would take forever. On top of that, the image seems to pivot round a certain point, (or at least, that's how I've made it do so in the picture). I want to create something very similar to this for my facebook banner. To illustrate that reality is nested in reality, and mirorred, diminished, repeated, and faded! (I'm gonna have it darken the further into the image you go) -- Dark subject I know! :p --anyone watched Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror? ;-)

So taking my best guess I went through the scripts repo on the site to look for "offset", "rotation", even "fractal". But it's really quite specific and thought approaching this community, someone would have better knowledge of the scripts than me.

Does anyone have any hints, methods, I can use to get my effect?
Most greatful for your reading!

effect.JPG9.78 KB

... but even by hand, you won't need more that 6-8 layers...

I don't remember seeing a specific script for this, but have a look at the Droste effect (a bit different, but also a vision of the infinity):

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