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making gimp save in png/jpeg/gif and not xcf file

iam new to gimp, was wondering do i need a plug in to choose option for gimp to not keep saving in xcf file which is not recognized by image hosts like photobucket, imageshack. need to clear this issue up.

you don't need any plug-ins for that. just go in the file menu -> save as.. and at the bottom of the window you choose your file type

ah i see that thx

Sadly, that is no longer the case. At this time, GIMP only opens images as an import in its native format. It will only save images in that format as well. If you want the image in another format, you must export it each time you wish to save the file.

I recently built a new machine and thought I'd give GIMP (another) try. It is clear I should (still) be using something else.

Saving in jpeg or another format is still possible, its just been moved from the "Save As" option to "Export" which is a few options down from "Save As"...

Why was this done? Why go from a single click to save a change to multiple clicks and multiple windows to accomplish the same thing. Just doesn't make any sense.

I would like to know that too. The save dialog was nice and easy to use... now it forces me to use another dialog... awful! This is not an Adobe...

Go Open Source!

Apparently its a feature, there is along winded explanation that boils down to stopping us from accidently losing layers information by saving as jpeg we have to risk losing everything by remembering to export and then trying to remember if we've changed anthing post export. Frankly I'd rather lose a layer once and learn my lesson than this! Hopefully a few grams of common sense find their way into the development team and they fix this.

Sorry, feel the same - no feature - just awkward.
Did we not used to get warned about loss of layers etc? - seem to think we did.
Either way, a warning should have been the best option.
Just my 2$ worth.

That would be a pretty nonsensical response to that risk. If they really just want to keep people from losing layers when they save, why not a simple confirmation dialog box when you try to save a multi-layered image in a format that doesn't support it?

(it warns you about "flattening" your file).

I have agreed with your opinion as soon as "The feature" has been introduced with great pump.
This only proves that stupidity often wins in our world, because folks are supposed and conditioned to be stupid.
Why, in an open source software, prevent us against ourselves and think we ignore the difference between lossless ans lossy files, and will lose our layers when we want to keep them. So many commonsense solutions have been brought that I daren't repeat mine: call the "export" procedure instead of "save" without warnings when a non-xcf extension has been typed. It would be silently confessing that the "feature" was a major stupidity. (Stupidity + hypocrisy: a very contemporary alloy).
If it was not, why is Gimp the only graphic software with it? why did software editors always looking for new brilliant ideas did not imitate it? (The save/export difference is significant on text processors: if you "export" in PDF on LibreOffice, you'll not be really able to edit the exported document). It seems to be aimed to promote .xcf, though former developers were not keen on doing that, telling they could not commit to keep the format's compatibility from one Gimp version to another.
So "The Feature" + "The Major Revolutionary One Window Improvement" brought us the impossibility of closing Gimp and its contents in one click, which was possible in 2.6 by clicking the left window closing gadget.
I also love your comment, renopete. BTW, if .xcf is to be the XXIth century's image format, they should set it to .bz2 compressed variant which occupies half the size of .xcf. Once I suggested that the new Gimp geniuses could be funded by Adobe. But they also deserve some rewards from Maxtor...

I don't like to use the term "stupid" but that is the only way to describe the change from allowing knowledgeable users to change the default image save format, to what makes sense in their context, to restricting the save format to what some naive individual deemed to be the correct one. Yes there is a risk that someone will lose image layers that they did not realize, and just like a child touching a hot plate they will learn not to do that. Many users myself included use in Gimp in contexts in which xcf is inappropriate and useless. Making xcf the default image save format is fine for the reasons given, but taking away the option to change it is NOT and demonstrates pompous naivete. This type of myopic thinking is OK in places like Redmond, but it's an unwarranted annoyance foisted on an intelligent Gimp user base by someone who lacks maturity and insight. I hope that adult supervision will lead to the correction of this ERROR in an upcoming release.

I used to feel the same way many of you do, about six months ago when I first switched to 2.8, but I've gotten used to it now and it no longer bothers me. That said, I still export images to non-native formats without an xcf copy, I still accidently save images as xcf (and it still annoys me slightly), and I still export images over my source image accidentally, so there is effectively no change from when I was using version 2.6, except that I press a different (and adjacent on QWERTY) button to do it.

Thank You.

If a piece of software can't follow User Interface Standards, it's not a tool worth using.
I'm all for Save being used to only save xcf files, but Save As really should include other options.
However, for keyboard users like myself, there is an easy fix.: Edit > Preferences, select Interface then Configure Keyboard Shortcuts. There you can change Export to be Ctrl-Shift-S, and it will behave just like EVERY OTHER PROGRAM IN THE WORLD!
But honestly, something this basic should work like an average user would expect. It's a shame that the only real alternative is Photoshop.

While it's true that you can no longer directly save a JPG image in Gimp Version 2.8, it is possible to do so in Version 2.6.12 since this old release doesn't have the new "feature". I do very simple editing in Gimp. I use the same program under both Linux and Windows. Version 2.6 for Windows is adequate for my purposes. The only issue is that Secunia PSI warns me that Version 2.8 is the secure release. So far, this has not proved to be a problem. However, it strikes me that, as many have essentially commented, the user community would be better served by making the default file format optional rather than forcing a "nanny" solution on everyone.

I have version 2.8.2 of GIMP and it refuses to recognise any graphic formats except for its XCF format. Totally useless as you can't export or import in any other format unlike previous versions
To make sure I hadn't missed anything I uninstalled and re-downloaded for my MAC OS-X 10.7.5 and reinstalled. No luck.
Just plain dumb!

[all fixed now - had to reset paths in preferences]

GIMP exports (note that this is different from save now) just fine for me, though.

I think non XCF file imports for jpeg, gif, png etc are broken.
I get a GIMP Message "The given filename does not have any known file extension. Please enter a known file extension or select a file format from the file format list." when I use the Export menu.

Then you should check if any plug-ins are loaded at all - the first thing I'd do is have a look at the preferences to see if the plug-on folders are set up correctly (i.e. there are any entries at all, that they point to the right location , ...).

I cant seem to find the correct place for plugins folder. Its either in Libraries/ Application Support/Gimp or UsersLibraries/ Application Support/Gimp. The various searches Ive had seem contradictory. Can anyone advise the correct location for OS-X 10.7.5?

There is a folder for standard plugins which is common to everyone using the compute, and should hold the plugins to load/save files, and there is one folder specific to each user for additional plugins.

I don't use OSX so I cannot tell the folders locations from memory, but you will find them as follows:
- "Edit/Preferences"
- At the bottom of the list expand the"Folders" tree
- Click "Plug-ins": this lists the folders Gimp checks for plugins.
- Check these folders with your file explorer, one of them should contain a bit over 200 executables including forty or so called file-something.

I went to preferences and reset all the paths which fixed the loading/ exporting of other file formats. I think what happened was a previous version of GIMP had some different paths which were retained. thanks for your help.
FYI I dont mind the "export" button. It actually makes sense to stay in the XCF format until you are ready to save in another format.

The folders are retained if you ever changed them manually - this adds them to your personal gimprc file.

The message about no known file extension is just telling you that you've either misspelled or forgotten to tell Gimp what format you want to save in. I simply type in the extension, the export boxes pop up automatically and no more than three strokes of my enter key I'm done. This stuff isn't hard to master. I'm sorry if I sound derisive I truly don't mean to be, but I've never even read the user manual, I experiment with the program constantly and in that way I gradually get better at using it and don't forget what I've learned as easily.

I will admit there are times when I'd like to be able to make the default save extension .jpg instead, so instead of accidentally saving as xcf and having to delete the file after re-saving whenever my fingers get faster than my brain.

I actually like Gimp's XCF format, it saves not only the image but the history layers paths and all, everything you've manipulated in an image is saved so you can stop work in the middle of something, go eat and come back later to finish without leaving it open.

I guess I do have one advantage over most though, I learned to use a computer before dos BECAME windows and I preferred dos. So remembering file extensions and the like is almost automatic for me. Dunno how else to put it...

Much respect...

I just 'upgraded' from a previous version and HATE this 'feature.' I can load a .png, make one pixel change and try to save it back out.... And, bang! I have to use EXPORT instead. I preferred the previous version where it would simply say 'Hey! Look! You're saving a file and have recently added layers and selections and stuff. Are you sure?' And, yes, I was. One click. Annoying, but one click. Now I have to go to export, select the right file type (if it isn't already selected), go to the usual 'EXPORT' dialog asking about compression and stuff (AAARGH! ALL THIS WAS ALREADY SET WHEN I LOADED THE FILE!) and then confirm that I want to write over the original (thankfully GIMP hasn't (so far) locked the original file). Then I have to close the file and confirm that I want to lose my changes.

I want: Load, change pixel, save. Move on.

Bye bye GIMP. I am looking for a replacement. The way it makes me feel finally lives up to it's name.

Every day I do a few screenshots as png, crop them, circle them, add a bit of text and then save. Hardly power use, but Gimp worked. Now with an upgrade to the latest GIMP its 3 levels of export menu, and overwrite confirmations galore. Why did they have to make a simple task so complicated.

I'm off to search for a new image manipulation program.

Pinta seems a good choice.

This is no "Feature" It's a dangerous bug. It's crossed over from Redmond to the brains of the developers. They have infected their code with it. They don't even know they are infected. They are to be pitied. It appears incurable, therefore may be fatal. The virus has been identified as "Holdmyhand itis"

Can some developer who has no yet been infected by the virus, please create a plugin that disables the virus and make it possible to save in the format you have opened the file? Ctrl+S is my prefered method. This may at least hold this devious viral infection in check.

Or otherwise if this is not possible, gather the developers who are not infected, to fork GIMP to be bug free, thereby allowing it to survive this fatal infection.

I've been using Puppy Linux for years - Upgraded to the latest Slacko Puppy and everything went very well . . . That is until I tried to use the new GIMP version in the Slacko repository. Seems that the only way to save a file in JPG format is to open it in native JPG, save it in GIMP native, Reopen it and export it back to JPG. This may not sound like much, until you want to edit 50 images . . . Sorry, but this is just plain obtuse. I can't believe that I have to change image editors over something so completely stupid.

Why the reopen? Open it in GIMP, edit, overwrite. Or export it to a different file. And if you close the modified image, you'll get asked if you want to save in XCF.

See for the full spec of the behavior.


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