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Brush circle not visible.

this is a small problem but it is really anoyying me. i updated to gimp 2.8 and i love it but i have a problem. when i use preset brush dynamics to draw its normal. i see the brush outline when drawing and when hovering. but when i made my own brush dynamic, all i did was take a normal blank preset dynamic and added pressure to opasity and size, i couldnt see the brush when hovering. only once i pressed down on the canves and started to make a line the brush apeared. but when im just hovering it doesnt and that bothers me. i cant tell how my stroke will look before doing it.
note: i am talking about seeing the OUTLINE of the brush. i dont see the full brush. i used to be able to see the outline of the brush but not i dont with my own dynamic, so i how do i make the outline come back?

thanks a lot :)


If you're hovering, then the pressure is zero and thus the size, too.

how can i change that?

You can't, at least not without changing GIMP code. See

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