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Trust Stylus wont work in gimp, help.

I recently purchased 'Trust Stylus Design Tablet' but I can’t get it to work with gimp. I have found that I can use it within other apps but when I try to use it in Gimp, it won’t work. It will move the cursor around but wont paint. I have gone into the preferences, input devices, config, Ext Inp Devices. Here it has the following in the drop down menu : Tablet, Port:HID, Dim 5500 x 4000, model :84 3 buttons stylus pen (pressure) and the mode is currently on screen, however, I have also tried setting it to window. I have noticed that when I go to the Exp Inp Dev window, that ‘x’ has 1 as an input and ‘Y’ has 2 as an input. None have input as 3. When I click on the details of the Tablet in the drop down menu, then ‘pressure’ changes to 3 or I can go to ‘pressure’ and change it to 3. I have then pressed to save the changes but when I go back into these settings they have changed back again. It seems as though Gimp does not want me to save changes on this tab or maybe I’m not supposed to.
I have deleted the gimp from my computer and then re installed it, but still, I can’t get the Tablet to work.
Can anyone Help?


Hi, i just purchased a TRUST Flex tablet.
I can't make it work with GIMP , 'cause GIMP does not detect the pressure detection (just X/Y click)

TRUST Flex perfectly works with the provided software (ArtWeaver) (including pressure)

Can someone help me ?

If this is on the Windows platform:
Does the tablet driver provide the Wintab interface

In general:
Are the pointing devices of the tablet (stylus, eraser, maybe a puck, ...) of the tablet enabled in the extended input device settings within GIMP?

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