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File .xcf so big :-(

Hi !
I have gimp2.8.2, windows 7. I'm working in my personal proyect with a *.png file about 22MBytes.
I'm making layers,but each time I make a layer the size of the file *.xcf increase in 2MBytes. Now my proyect has 83MBytes but I have to make another 40 layers !! It's going to be so big!!!
And it eat all the resources of my laptop,it's crashing quite often as well.
Why can I do?
Thank you


Check the file type selector in the save dialog., .XCF has little known brothers (bzip and gzip archives) that can take significantly less disk space. But this saves in disk space, not on RAM needed...

Thank you for your quick answer. :)
But the problem is not on disk space. The bigger is the file the more RAM is consumed. Now gimp with my project is eating nearly 3GBytes + 1GBytes that Windows eats equal to my laptop RAM...
What can I do?

A layer in memory is 4 bytes/pixel... so a 1000x1000 image is at least 4MB/layer (layer with large uniform areas are optimized a bit), so on the whole you can't avoid memory usage.

Normally you can give Gimp the size of its "tile cache" (Edit/Preferences ->Environment/Resource consumption). This is the RAM Gimp will use to store the "active" layer data. If it needs more space, instead of going to RAM it will go to disk (but then it gets slow).

You could consider to contribute to GIMP development, as future version of GIMP will not necessarily have to load the full image files into memory (if you've ever seen one of the talks about GEGL, you might have seen a demo where the whole of Google Maps was being worked on :)).

You can edit your Preferences so that not so much memory is reserved for your UNDO history. The default is 64 Mb and at least 5 undo steps (more steps are available if they fit into the reserved amount of memory). For example, if you set the reserved UNDO memory to "0" with 1 step, you will only be able to undo one step.

You might save a little memory be removing the alpha channel from layers that don't need them. Also, you should make your layers as small as necessary (i.e., don't have large borders of empty space); this can be accomplished with the "Layer->Autocrop layer" command.

Thank you Ofnuts, Schumami, saulgoode for your help.
Now, I understant better what's going on!
Work to improve GIMP, maybe, but in the future. Now I have to work on my project to be honest.
I think that the best option is saulgoode's.
The only doubt about autocrop is: how can I fit the crop layer in the correct place?
Thank you again

Use the Move tool...

Finally I've crop the image-base and now the new layers that I make are smaller than the image-base. To avoid that the layer go out of its correct place I clic on the chains.
And buala! I have RAM free.
Thank you :-)

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