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Sony ARW format


GIMP doesn't support the Sony ARW format. Any plugin that can help?

I had the same problem a few months ago. Neither GIMP itself (well – is it even possible to read ANY raw files?) nor UFRaw was capable to read such files. I searched the web a while and found RawTherapee 4 (which is open source under GPL). It’s a full-featured raw file developing tool.

Since then I always use RawTherapee for my Sony ARW files (SLT-A55v), and after processing the files I start GIMP for further editing.

Hey there !

I am uncertain if this question has already been answered. If so, apols for asking again.


New to processing. Would like to open an ARW file in GIMP. Running 2.8.4 on a MAC. Must I download a plug in ?


Also, any recommendation for plug ins for the dumb and stupid which do basics:

- Remove noise
- Fix exposures and colours
- 'Bloom' portions of my pics

And one more :-)

Do I have to re-build GIMP to incorporate a plug in ?

Thanks - S

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