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Problem with a Pythonplugin to import Mulitlayer EXR-Files

Hi all

I tried to run this Plugin:
Everytime I run it I get this error:

The djv tools are installed and I can run it's comands in the Windows Comand Console (cmd.exe).

Yorik, the author of this script, uses Linux to develop this script, he didn't find a solution yet for the error because he is not familiar with Windows-Scripting.

I'm running Gimp 2.8 on Win 7 64 Bit.

Does anyone have an idea what I do wrong ?
Or is there another Script that opens Multilayer EXR Files ?

Kind regards

Have you tried to figure out which step fails?

The error message is in German and since it is an image and not text we can't even paste it into Google translate.

You can select and copy the text (Ctrl-C) in the message box. You can also use the error console window ("Windows/Dockable dialogs/Error console") to catch these messages (that are slightly easier to cut/paste from there).

Many problems with freshly downloaded Python plugins come from unnoticed changes while editing the plugin to have a quick glance at the source. You can check that the plugin isn't damaged by opening a command prompt and issuing:

python \path\to\the\

If you get an error message "ImportError: No module named gimpfu" then everything is fine ('gimpfu" is only visible when the script is run in Gimp). If you get other errors, then the script is likely damaged.

Just out of curiosity ...
Installed djv...entered path...
Gimp 2.8 for Win (32 bit XP) and Ubuntu (64 bit 12.04) the same error:
Procedure 'file-exr-load' returned no return values
If it works - please enter prescription!

I've heared that the next Releasecandidate of Gimp will support EXR-Files. Does that mean it will also support MultilayerEXR-Files ?

The Google translation of the error is:

GIMP error
The plugin "" crashed
(C: \ Program Files \ GIMP 2 \ lib \ gimp \ 2.0 \ plug-ins \

The plugin has crashed GIMP made ​​possibly unstable. You should precaution save your pictures now and then restart GIMP.

GIMP error
The opening of "E: \ private \ Software \ Windows \ 3D \ Blender \ test \ Cycles \ renderings \ Cam04TEst2_0004.exr" failed:

Procedure 'file-exr-load "has ended without a return value

Kind regards

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