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Upgrading to Gimp 2.8?? will it affect my G'MIC add on??

Thanks for reading!!

Reasonably new to Gimp so still learning but heres my question.

If i upgrade from 2.6.11 to 2.8 will i need to reinstall the GMIC and Script Fu layers plug in or will it be recognised automatically. I had trouble finding the right Versions the first time round!!

Also can i do 3D Spherical text like this ( ) using my existing 2.6.11 or will i definitely need to upgrade to 2.8??

Any help is greatly appreciated!!


I recommend to upgrade. I have upgraded to 2.8.2 on OSX, Windows 7, Windows XP and Linux. Without any problems.
There is Gmic for all platforms. And 2.8 makes script-fu version of Layer effects obsolete, because 2.8 has python built-in. If You don't know it, python version is much better than script-fu version. It has live preview and is faster.

And for recognizing the plugins, 2.8 user folder is .gimp-2.8, and your current .gimp-2.6
If you have lot of downloaded scripts and plugins, just copy them from your old user folder to the new. Most of them will work, some You may need to download again. Which I suggest to do anyway. You need to run Gimp once for the user folder to be created I recall.

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