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Which operating system do you use GIMP on?

UNIXish (Linux, BSD, etc)
26% (73 votes)
63% (175 votes)
Mac OS X
5% (13 votes)
All of the above
5% (15 votes)
Total votes: 276


This poll was inspired by PhotoComiX reponse to the PDF question -- there is quite a bit of difference between the GIMP on various platforms and it's not always Linux anymore.

Thanks for the poll!

I like to have a blackberry version of gimp ... Could someone port it ?

Why would it matter which OS is it used on, does it mean that one system will get preference over another. Rey A. Ubuntu Rocks!

I don't think it matters very much, but I personally have seen GIMP mostly as a Unixish affair for quite some time and this was reflected in the way I answered to questions here. A few replies made me reconsider, seeing that people seem to use GIMP on Windows quite a bit. Just interesting to know, I guess ;-) There will be absolutely no preference here towards one system or the other!

I use it on Linux at home. I use it on OS X at work (even though my boss prefers that I use Photoshop). I use GIMPPortable if I'm on a Windows box and really need to do some immediate photo-editing (or if I want to show it off to someone else).
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