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Can't save as jpg!


I tried to look for answer but i didn't found anything that would help. I just downloaded Gimp to my new computer. I do can open images as jpg, but i can't save them as jpg. Actually I can save just as xcf, not as jpg, gif, png or similar. If I try to save my image as jpg, it says "You can use this dialog to save to the GIMP XCF format. Use File→Export to export to other file formats." What should I do? Where can I find plug-in or something that I could save my images also other formats, not just xcf?

My gimp version is 2.8.0.

Sorry about my (maybe) bad english, I tried my best :)
I'm sure that answer would be easy to found, but by my mother tongue i didn't found anything and my english language skills are not so good that i could found that in english.


This is how 2.8 works. If you want a JPEG (or PNG, GIF...) version of your image you have to use File/Export. If you don't need the XCF yoçu can then exit without saving.

The authors consider (rightfully IMHO), that you don't "save" your work with JPEG since it sheds things that may require work to recover, such as layers, selections, paths... Many people have been burned by the old behavior (use "Save" to produce PNG/JPG, and then exit, whoops! where have all the layers gone?)

Litterally it does not work. I go to export and nothing pops up.. try the short cut key and still nothing comes up.. cannot convert files. There is no option.. HELP

and what version of GIMP 2.8.0 or 2.8.2?

Can you open any other dialogs? Try the whole range, filters, scripts, file open/save, ...

One somewhat common cause for this is multiple screens, mostly on the Windows platforms - Microsoft tries very hard to always show program dialogs on the wrong screens, and often they succeed :(

"The authors consider (rightfully IMHO), that you don't "save" your work"

I find the new Gimp such a pain in the backside to use that I'm considering going back to the old version because of this main reason/.

The authors are NOT right to decide how I want to use their software. The best option would have been to have it as default that you have to export JPG's rather than just save them direct, but have in the advanced settings an option to turn this behaviour off and to revert to the old way.

So people who are used to Gimp and know that saving as a JPG or GIF will lose things like layers can still easily just save over their existing files by still pressing Ctrl+S and not be harassed by GIMP when it comes to closing - "File is not saved do you want to save it now?" - I've just been editing a small file and I'm not bothered about the layers, I already saved it in the format I want to get lost and stop mithering me!

This little feature has just added extra dialogs to GIMP that should really have an option to turn off, unless GIMP is turning into more bloatware than image editor, and if that's the case then I'll have to find a new image editor.

BTW in other packages - for example OpenOffice it does mither you if you try and save documents as .DOC and warn you you could lose formatting, but in the preferences their is an option to turn that off for people who know what they are doing! This should be incorporated into the next version of GIMP otherwise I'm going to have to find a new art package that works properly.

Also other than GIMP who else uses the XCF fomat?? It's not really the most usable format in the world is it? Web browsers don't support it, and all other paint packages don't either. SVG would be far more useful.

To me this new behavior makes sense. If i want to save my work, I save it in the program’s native file format. If I want to use my work in another program (doesn’t matter of further processing, or just distributing or displaying it in a web browser), I need to export it into a file format the other programs can read.

The fact that a lot of programs make no difference between saving and exporting doesn’t make it better.

Btw. It takes about 20-30 seconds to redefine the shortcuts for bringing back the old (wrong) behavior.

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