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How do i connect to gimp plug in


Is all my information all right in services of gimp.

I don't think anyone can figure out what you are telling us.

I have download gimp on my pc and secondly did registeration plugin .
The problem is that i made a Design testing to see the transparent of the image, went all right services. But the format save was in xcf file which is not recognized by image hosts and there i download it to my web site on the product and the design image has went transparent as i want it but the pxl format went very small, Been the case i need a solution to deal with this problem.

Do you use a translation tool to translate your messages from your native language to English? Your last message seems to be a bit garbled and hard to understand.

Yes, GIMP 2.8 and onwards save images to XCF and its compressed variants only. All other image file formats are exported via File->Export

Oviously Not, i did not use any translation tool to translate my native language it's a proverb that i was trying to ask, if all my information about gimp is right in other, but i come to realize that i need a converter from xcf file to png,bmp.

See the last paragraph of my previous reply.

If you need any help with exporting the files, then please ask more specific questions, describe what you are trying to do and point out what doesn't work.

Now my problem is that, the web site i am using for my product sales ask for jpg or png but when ever i download the image to the site dosen't give 100% format it always give a small object on the product .
What can i do inother to have 100% large image ...?

Can you describe what you did in a way that allows me to understand? "Gimp plugins SCRIFT FU went succesfully thanks for your help." is meaningless.

What did you do do create the exported images?

P.S. I get the feeling that this might be an ELIZA stunt (

When i did transparent image, there i have two saving option.
It says save as, which i did.
Then i have the image in png in my file, but if i export download to my web host as All file, i see the transparnt of the image, but in size it become smaller image on the product.
which make me confuse.
The web hosted download site need this information
Save vector graphics as .svg, .ai, .eps or .cdr
Save pixel graphics as .jpg, .bmp, .gif or .png
Size of pixel graphics: max. 10 MB and min. 120 dpi (cups, buttons: 400 dpi)

All image file formats other than XCF are exported via File->Export

See for details (it is available in several translations, too).

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