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how do I access a picture

December 5, 2012 - 20:32 — olgeezer

A friend sent a picture from her ipod to me from GIMP. The format was not compatible w/ my cell.
I forwarded to my PC, only to find it accessible through GIMP.
I found that I had to create an account.
I did.
Also, create a user name and password.
I did
Had to authenticate registration and password via email.
I did
So, here I am ~a brand new member~completely lost
and still have no idea how to access the picture
(but I'm glad to be here, because this site looks awesome)
Long story short (too late) ,
Can you help me?


You do not have to register here in order to load an image in GIMP.

It could be that the image format of the file is not supported by GIMP - if is accurate, then this might be PICT or JPEG2000. Both rather uncommon, and I'd be surprised if an iPod used them by default, but maybe an iPod user can provide more insight.

However, what exactly happens if you try to load the image in GIMP? Or is the actual problem that you do not have GIMP installed at all?

Maybe you should try to rephrase the first part of your message - I do neither understand what exactly you want to do nor what doesn't work.

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