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Downloading Gimp

I've been having troubles redownloading gimp to my computer, an error message will come up saying Acess is denied and then another screen comes up saying setup was not completed. Please correct the problem and run setup again


Where are you downloading Gimp from? ?? The official website?

Do you have Windows, Linux, Mac?
If Windows xp 32 bit - install as normal
If Windows 64 bit - be sure and install in the 32 bit program directory.

Thirdly--- you say you are REINSTALLING Gimp.
If you are downloading Gimp-2.6.12 from the Gimp official website try removing the gimp-2.6 folder from the USER directory., and then try and install.
After install just move the gimp-2.6 folder back to it's original location, and start Gimp.

Most of these problems stem from the gimp-2.6 folder in the USER directory OR a install in the 64 bit program directory if using Windows 7 64 bit. Gimp is a 32 bit program.

I had Gimp NOT want to load one day and found because i had FOLDERS within the pattern directory, Gimp wouldn't initialize. Removing those folders and the gimprc file within the gimp-2.6 folder in the USER directory fixed the problem.


! C:\Users\Ryans gaming rig\Downloads\gimp-dds-win64-2.2.1 (1).zip: Cannot create dds.exe
Access is denied.
this is the error message i get from the above mentioned site i have windows vista 64 bit

Vista is full of overzealous protections... either Vista or your antivirus doesn't like dds.exe

Hi - Just downloaded Gimp from as I wanted to start with playing with customizing skins in Dirt 3 and saw there was a DDS plugin for Gimp

When I try and extract the files to the directory in the read me file (i.e. C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins) I get the errror message:
! C:\Users\Phil\Downloads\ Cannot create dds.exe
Access is denied.
! C:\Users\Phil\Downloads\ Cannot create readme.txt
Access is denied.

I am actually running windows 7 64 bit - when I try the 64 bit DDS plug in I get same error message

I found a video on you tube and it is simply a case of copying the application file to the specified directory and then it appears to work.

I was trying to extract via WinRar - so either I am stupid or the readme file is less than clear!!

Seems to be weird that you can copy the files manually, but Winrar can't extract them there... Could this be a bug in Winrar?

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