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Scripts and Plug-ins not showing up?

I have been forced to switch computers abruptly and have just upgraded to version 2.8. I was working on re-installing all of my scripts and plug-ins and none of them are showing up at all. I've done some digging in this forum and apparently this is a common problem but nothing I've tried has fixed the problem. :/

I went to Edit>Preferences and verified that it was looking in the right folders and that all my .scm are in scripts and .py are in plug-ins. Even after rebooting my computer none of the scripts or plug-ins are showing up anywhere. I'm not programming savvy at all, so I'm lost as to what to do now.

I'm running on a Windows 7/XP with GIMP 2.8 & Python 2.6.6. if that helps.

What have you tried so far?

What I did?
I uninstalled the gimp 2.8. I manually deleted ALL gimp folders cuz eventually they won't be removed. Reinstalled it again (costumized), copied all the scripts from where I saved it to gimp>scripts then refreshed and the Script-Fu menu appeared. I hope this would help.

And in your case, where did you first put the scripts?

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