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Plug-in request: Grid Warp & Liquify

Just wondering if someone could write a Grid Warp & Liquify plugin for Gimp?

I know Gimp has Iwarp but it is really outdated and not overly useful. It also lacks a size border thing to show you how large your pen is, so pushing pixels is hit or miss seeing as you don't know how large your editing pen is.

Most of these are on most photo editing programs, even the most basic ones like, and I do think it is a shame not to see it in Gimp.

So does anyone want to have a go at this? I have enclosed the ones to versions to show what I want I mean. Liquify Plugin Grid Warp Plugin

The only difference I'd like to see with the Grid Warp plugin is what it works over the active layer and not open in a new window (This way the user can lower the opacity of the active layer and see the image in the layer below it while using Grid Warp). And can be applied to the whole image and also to a selection.

Your wishes are proposed for several years.
Unfortunately - to no avail.
No developers - to develop a pspi plugins
It remains to Shellout

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