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Creating animated GIF with GIMP 2.8 exporting

I've created layer frames for my homework - GIF animation - and cannot save the file as animation. It shows empty dialog window with only three buttons to operate: Help, Export and Cancel.
Have a look at the picture in attachment:

I'm using GIMP 2.8.2

P.S. - I've posted already one topic with this problem and have received information the bug is repaired in latest version. Latest version is the 2.8.2 and the bug still appears... Looks like there's something wrong in some plug-in libraries... If exists any repair for export-gif.exe (or something like that) let's link me at. If not...

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I'm not aware of any plug-in called export-gif.exe. Is this a third-party add-on?

Exporting an image to a file name ending in .gif should get you GIMP's own export options dialog without the need for any additional plug-ins.

Looks like the export function is now the part of the application itself. In earlier versions it was in a plug-in form as export-gif.exe or gif-export.exe or something like that... The problem is I cannot save the project as GIF animation because of lack of the export presets...

Look in plugins folder ~\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins for file-gif-save and file-gif-load plugins, which are the part of standard installation package since 2.4, I believe. If it's there, in File>Export dialog window type the name of your animation with gif extension, e.g. FileName.gif click on Export and will open up GIF Export modal window. If you got you GIMP from the official GIMP download page - it shouldn't be any lack of the export options.

Look in plugins folder ~\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins for file-gif-save and file-gif-load plugins, which are the part of standard installation package since 2.4, I believe.
It is there, this is what I meant exactly...
If you got you GIMP from the official GIMP download page - it shouldn't be any lack of the export options.
But it is... I've downloaded GIMP from official version and have found the lack in GIMP 2.8 again. In earlier versions (2.6 - 2.6.8 or 2.6.11 in example) I haven't found that lack... All ran as it should...

Also I should take care that when I try to save the file with the lack of export settings the GIF file has displayed the last frame (the file has merged all layers together)...

What is your OS ? i am running gimp2.8.2 on win 7 and everything works fine

But from the image you posted is evident the plugin doesn't work on your system, so what version of gimp you have , where you get it (link) and what OS are you using ?

Hosted OS: Win XP SP3
Version of GIMP: 2.8.2 (so the last)
Downloaded from: official GIMP sites

Problem: Lack of export presets.
Question: How to solve the problem? Download additionaly the file-gif-save.exe and file-gif-load.exe?

There are no report of similar bugs so seems much more probable a corrupted installer
Not talking of virus/malware, it may happens during the download , the only way to be sure of integrity of the downloaded files is control the checksum

It may be the case of unistall and reinstall.
If that doesn't solve (but should) try a alternative build (as example from )

PS You may get more help in a dedicated forum as , this here is mainly for discussion question on third party additional plugins, no much for the more generic support you need

GIF support has been in GIMP forever (I could look up the precise date, but it was before the 1.0 releases, at least).

What you're seeing is a problem that no one else seems to have, at least it's not widespread, otherwise there would be much more problems.

Is the GIf export dialog the only one which comes up blank?

No, seem to be blank also at PNG export... In other classic image formats (JPG, TGA, BMP etc) it seems to be okay...

So I have blank only GIF and PNG export. I'm looking especialy for GIF export repair, PNG cannot handle animations at all...

This seems confirm my idea, good chances the installer you got was corrupted (for some connection quirk during download)

Only good fix is unistall and reinstall

if you want to be totally sure of integrity of the installer control the checksum
(in the page of the file to download there is also a note with the checksum )

I tried to redownload the official installer, no success. Tried Partha's installer, no success. Then got crazy idea I can copy the gif load and export from older version (downloaded concretely 2.6.12) and YES! Got it working!

This could indicate that there are older versions of the GTK+ libraries in your system (for example, in some system directory), which are picked up by the older plug-in. You might want to correct this, as this can cause strange problems no one else will be able to reproduce.

I'm having the same problem. the file-gif-save.exe and file-gif-load.exe files are there, but I can't save my work as .gif, there's no option. I'm using win 7

Maybe is not the same problem

You can't SAVE as gif...for a much more intransigent and pedant imposition of the correct terminology in last gimp:
the right word to use , and so the command to use is not Save but Export,still in the File menu.

Oh, thanks. I though it was "save as" because of the old tutorials... Anyway, thank you.

I am having the exact same problem as above. However, I have no previous GIMP software installed, and have no way to export my image. I tried to uninstall/reinstall as well.

The problem here is that when following the older tutorials saying to name your frames "Frame 1 (100ms)(combine)" etc..., the gif does not animate.
1. make frames and label them according to this convention :"Frame 1 (100ms)(combine)"
2. save you .xfc
3. select to export to
4. a window with three buttons pops up (help, export, cancel)
5. click export (because its the only thing that makes sense now that you've broken this once magnificent piece of software)
6. your complex .gif that you just spent hours on is now a non-animated file with no layers when reopened.
(which is why you saved it as .xfc, you did do that... right? ;D)
---Now i want source code or fix, pretty please.----

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