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New anti-spam measures active

Dear Registry Users,

we have activated a few more anti-spam measures. In particular, plug-ins and scripts will now be checked more thoroughly for spammy content. This could of course lead to false positives, so please let us know if you see any issues!

We will also now automatically block accounts once we have seen a certain level of spam attempts. Thus, it is doubly important that you contact us if you think there is a false positive, don't just try over and over again, or you could be automatically blocked!

Furthermore, we are also gradually rolling out a new rating/voting feature, whereby you can vote on plugins/scripts, but also on comments. To prevent spammers from abusing this, this can only be done by the moderators right now, but after they've up-voted a couple of your comments and/or plugins, you will also be able to rank other's content. So, stay tuned :-)

cheers, Ingo


Just a heads up. I deleted the account of Pedro Cunha. He was spamming his sourceforge page for GIMP scripts. The Registry is for the purpose of providing scripts for users, not advertising your scripts posted elsewhere. Especially by spamming the link over and over again in threads that have no relationship to the spammed link.

Apologies in advance for posting this here; you'll see why:

I can not add content (at least not per the instructions -- 'Create Content' doesn't exist for me, whereever I look, even in page source code), add new forum topics, or ask questions. Nor can I even cancel my account and start a new one that would hopefully be allowed to post content. This is particularly odd considering that I have added content in the past, specifically this 'scan to lineart' script:

So commenting like this is basically my only avenue. Is there anything odd with my account at all, that would prevent me from creating content? Cause I'd like to get on with posting these palette plugins I made :)

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