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Request: restoring the ability to comment the scripts

Correct me if I am wrong, but since the transition to the new version of Drupal has begun to affect this site, it seems to be no longer possible to post comments on scripts, neither from authors nor from users.

Personally, I don't really agree with this choice, so, if I may, I would like to suggest restoring such a functionality for the posts containing scripts too.

As a matter of fact, the comments referring to scripts are useful not only to users who simply want to congratulate a developer or request a feature, but also to the authors when they need to inform this site's visitors about the availability of a new script version, as any new comment is notified at the home page’s right column designed to announce updates.

On the contrary, always with regard to the posts relevant to scripts, the new system based upon questions and answers does not seem to work properly for performing the aforesaid actions, at least for what I have verified; whereas comments can be conveniently arranged in tree view instead, as well as they always appear under the same content they are relative to, unlike the “related questions” which often remain isolated from the corresponding posts.

Thanks in advance for paying attention to my remarks.

Besides, the author of a script won't have to answer the same question from users over and over again, since 'related question' and the answer to it disappear from the front page after a while.

The answers disappear from the front page, but should be displayed in question block next to the plug-in. Is that somehow not happening?

I agree. I use them to post changelogs when I update my scripts.

I do it this way too, as indeed also G'MIC, for example.
Anyway, I have recently finished writing some scripts that I would like to share on this site, but for now what is keeping me from doing it is just this inability to update the page through the comments, as well as the impossibility of receiving suggestions and reviews in the same manner.
From this point of view, I would be tempted to create a forum topic rather than a regular script topic for publishing my new scripts (because the former solution still permits to post comments as I am doing at this very moment), but the problem is that like this the trimmed version of the page content could not appear in the main central column of the site, so I guess the script won't be listed within the “Browse the Registry” section either.

Well, you may of course do so, but I would recommend putting changelogs into the description itself.

Ingo, would it be possible to reinstate the comment functionality for the scripts while maintaining the related questions' feature?
Namely: how about enabling both together?

However, notice that, unlike what occurs for the newer ones, the dual functionality still works with regard to the older scripts, such as this one, for instance:

The authors can choose what they want, when posting a script or plug-in. It is only the default which has been turned to off.

If I understand correctly, the author can then choose whether or not to hold the comments and/or the related questions inside its posted scripts.
So, I have just tried to create a minimal empty script content only to test (through the Preview button) how the trimmed and the full versions would look.
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find an option/widget within the Edit mode for enabling the comments. Have I missed something? Any indications on how to cause the page to display the "Add new comment" item?

I don't see the option to enable comments, whether on the script's edit page ( or a new create script page (

Also re: the other comment, I consider descriptions to be a poor place to post changelogs in, as I keep them up to date, while changelogs are only interesting to those who update from older versions. Also the comments are automatically timestamped, so that's one less thing to care about.

.. Or a range of other stuff (create forum posts, ask questions.. basically anything other than just add comments). But most importantly post plugins, as I have a few lined up to post.

None of the above functions are available to me; My account seems crippled. See this 'add scriptfu' link?

It tells me:

"Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page."

And it's exactly the same story with those other things, creating forum posts, adding questions etc...
"You are not authorized to access this page."

This is especially absurd because I have previously posted a ScriptFu script just fine; specifically, .

Ingo, I'd really appreciate any help you can give me with this :)

I'm one of the moderators of this site. I've found that since the Questions feature was added, I effectively stopped reading and moderating anything here, mostly because opening a question or answer directly does not link back to the original item or question.

I vote to scrap the Questions feature completely, and reestablish the comments system again.

I also have experienced problems with answering questions on this site. The behavior has been so unorthodox and inconsistent that I am reluctant to respond to further questions.

It seems that the first time I respond to a particular question, my answer is "lost". It does not appear on the sidebar of the home page (at least not immediately). When I start over and re-enter my response, my post appears on the homepage's sidebar, however, there seems to be no connection between my post and that of the original question. (Take this description with a grain of salt, I am basically lost as to what is -- and what is supposed to be -- happening when responding to a question.)

My preference would be that the Question/Answer feature not be available as in its current state, it only serves to make navigation more difficult.

I totally agree with schumaml and saulgoode

I too found worthless to answer or even post till the problem is not fixed
If the problem derive by dumb default setting may be the case to replace that with more smart default setting

Again the main problem is that the replies are lost ... "as" lost to be pedant, but the result is the same and makes worthless contribute

Somehow this thread behaves as the older threads use to, but I too find the new way agrivating especially when I made a recent request for Heat Map to be compiled which MareroQ fortunately saw my request and indeed compiled it for me. Yes, we need the old system back. Sometimes evolution is de-evolution. :)

L. ,this thread behaves well only because is not a "plugin question"
But if was posted as comment to a plugin...opps pardon add comment to plugin now is not more possible, is possible only make "question" about plugins... anyway if was a " plugin question" it would be a guesswork find to what was related and find related comments

Once a wise man said : - If is not broken DON'T fix it-
and the old system apparently was working...

Please restore Comment feature. It is the best way to get a direct public contact with the developer.

I agree. I have to now ask a question to leave a comment to the author or other posters.
This just doesn't work for me.


I tried to leave and answer for a question and was denied access.

Whatever the new model for posts is, it is not intuitive to the original posters or the answerers.

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