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Mesh Warp

Mesh warp is a transform tool available on very cheap software like Page Plus. It allows more granular transformation of a picture. I cannot find anything similar in Gimp. I might just not see it, but it is a very useful tool for stitching overlays. Does it exist under a different name?


Is very probable that exist under a different name. But since you do not provide examples of what exactly "mesh warp" do and i do not use cheap software as Page Plus i have no idea of what exactly you need, there are dozens of plugins that may perform "granular transformation" not sure if they may help to "stitch overlay" whatever that may mind so, for more useful reply add the links to clear visual example of the BEFORE/AFTER you desire ,and provide a "idiot proof" discretion of the feauture you need

Ok here is Adobe After Effects decription: The Mesh Warp effect applies a grid of Bezier patches over a layer, which you can manipulate to distort areas of an image. Each corner of a patch includes a vertex and two to four tangents (points that control the curvature of the line segment that makes up the edge of the patch). The number of tangents depends on whether the vertex is in a corner, on an edge, or inside the grid. By moving the vertices and tangents, you can manipulate the shape of the curved line segment. The finer the grid, the tighter the adjustments you can make to the area of the image inside the patch. Sample at:


but plz if someone reads this i really need a better iwarp. 1. Define lines for warping -> meshing 2. see all the layers which are activ while warping. Not only the one u are working on right now. 3. Be able to change the size of the preview. 2 and 3 shlould not be that complicated ...+ so plz...

but I read a paper on warping after seeing this topic - it's not trivial. You're right though - numbers 2 and 3 are pretty easy compared to #1. I actually thought I might be able to mess with this, but it's waaaay out of my league. It needs to go into GIMP core in C and requires some calculus (which I forgot a long time ago)- I doubt a plugin would be able to handle this very well at all. You might want to start a thread on the gimp-dev mailing list about filing a RFE for mesh warping (if there isn't one already - I did not search)

I am strongly searching for something similar to this.

I don't even need a Mesh, just something between Smudge and IWarp.
In Ulead Photo Impact 12 I had a Tool/ Brush wich operates verry like IWarp, but like a usual Brush straight on a fullsize Image.
(Without Preview,but directly on Image, single Step- Undo/ Redo and many adjustable Parameters.)

Translated from German it is called drag or strain I think.

Isn't there any Plugin like this for Gimp?
I couldn't find any.

IWarp mode set to (move), with small Radius and Rate: 1.0 (full) does look verry like the basic Function of this Plugin, but anyway, IWarp is very very far away from beeing such a usefull and mighty creative-Tool as this Kind of dragging Tool..<

I drawed hole Landscapes with this Tool.
You only have to take a Brush once to drop 3 little Maincolour-dots on youre Canvas....
Aranging, Mixing, Seperating...Colors you do with this freakin' awsome Tool directly on top of youre Canvas!

In my Eyes the most creativity furthering Way to create Art on a Computer.
More (Modeling/ Shaping) then Drawing. :)

Like you see, I fell in Love with this tiny Tool, so please help and tell me, that only my English sucked too much to figure out the right Plugins Name :p

Btw sorry for my bad English and thx for reading.

> Isn't there any Plugin like this for Gimp?

There is a student working on such a tool for the Google Summer of Code project:

And here is his weblog:

That's some pretty nifty "warping" proposals he is planning. I'll be rooting for him to accomplish his tasks. Thanks for the link, Saul.

CS5 actually has something called Puppet warp I believe. This seems to be even better. I too am rooting for the coder to pull this one off. :)


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