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Edit old Plugin, description empty

I having trouble editing the description of a plugin ( ) that was created before the transition to Drupal 7. When I click to edit the page, the text box for the description is now empty instead of being filled with the text of the page, (file attachments and categories show up fine). I must mention that I don't have the source backed up. Is there any way of recovering the old description field?

Me too. I already posted it here: but never get an answer. In the meantime I tried to edit my plugin text and ......lost it. So I have to start from the beginning again.

This happened to me too, and my plugin description was several pages of carefully formatted text, so retyping it wasn't an option.

Solution: view source HTML for your plugin page in your browser. Find the HTML code of your description and copy paste it into the edit field. This will pretty much preserve all text and formatting.

Thanks E. Sullock Enzlin, Grue, good idea to look the HTML page source! Probably the only way to go...

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