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I have successfully added G'Mic to my Gimp Version 2.6.11 on OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8 64 bit twice now over the past year with zero problems. Recently (like yesterday) I installed Gimp Version 2.8.2 Stand Alone to my Mac and during the process, uninstalled all other remaining Gimp files for a FRESH START. This would include removing the "Gimp folder" directly from path: USERNAME/Library/Application Support. I'm understanding that version 2.8.2 of Gimp already has G'Mic installed, and confirmed/validated this by searching in 2.8.2: Gimp/Preferences/Folders/Plug-Ins/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Gimp/plug-ins. HOWEVER, G'mic is not in my Filters drop down menu. I then tried several different things including reading COUNTLESS posts about this problem which usually helps me solve any problem. But this time to no avail. So long story short, I performed another complete uninstallation of all Gimp files. I even restarted my Mac. I reinstalled Gimp Version 2.6.11, reinstalled G'Mic as I had before, validated the folders and sub folders in 2.6.11: Edit/Preferences/Folders/Plug-Ins, showing it is there..and STILL NO G'MIC in Filters drop down menu. I am almost in tears over fact, I was in tears last night trying desperately to recover my G'Mic. I am a professional photo retouch specialist. I have Photoshop CS6..and STILL rely HEAVILY on Gimp for MOST of my projects. I simply MUST have G'MIC. There are 2 EXEC icons in the download folder from the internet: GMIC and GMIC_GIMP. I NEED to know "which one, if not both", to put in the sub folder? I cannot remember what I did before. I've tried several combinations including both, just GMIC, and just GMIC_GIMP. NOTHING works. :,( PLEASE PLEASE HELP. I sooo need this problem solved for my work. Any help is most appreciated.

Might I add that this is an issue that needs to be addressed in FINAL. This topic is posted all over the internet..with no real solution, up to and including this forum topic: I love to try and help others solve problems. So maybe if this gets addressed properly, we can all benefit from it.

Ok readers..I've done it! Here is the problem with all difficult or failed G'MIC installs, or at least, with this one. It is as SIMPLE as matching your "versions". Phew! I.e., if you have OS: Leopard must match BOTH your Gimp download version as well as your G'MIC download version = (Mac OS X Leopard, GIMP Leopard, G'MIC Leopard. *And you only need the file black icon with green EXEC "GMIC_GIMP"..You DO NOT need the file "GMIC"). If you have OS: Snow Leopard must match your GIMP and GMIC download versions accordingly, and so-on and so-forth. If anyone has any questions or needs any further instructions or screenshots, I am more than happy to help! You absolutely follow all the directions in posts that read: Download your 2 apps, matching operating systems Gimp and G'MIC..unzip and install Gimp, open it once and then quit the program in order to load your GIMP folder to your hard drive. Then unzip and install your "matching" G'MIC into the folder as follows: username/library/application support/gimp/plug-ins. You simply drag the GMIC_GIMP icon into that folder. Close the finder window. Start your Gimp App..and click your Filters drop down, and there it is. I hope this helps. I try to give as much detailed info as possible. I will post the links where I found my matching snow leopard apps. ***For other versions, just Google and experiment with matching download versions. And remember..the file will read "GMIC_GIMP" not "GMIC". Cheers and Good Luck!

Thank you for this info; this is the best post I've come across on this issue! Unfortunately, I'm not thinking straight anymore so I'm still missing something. I have Gimp 2.8.4; I've download the correct G'mic for my Mac (OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion). Copied the files to my Gimp Plug In folder, set up the preferences, still no G'mic in my Filter menu. Can you help? Thanks!!

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