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Script fu not appearing?

ok i just downloaded gimp about a week ago and disscovored many tutorials requiring script fu. now i downloaded version 2.4 and i can not find it i found the app in Gimp-2.0>lib>2.0> plug-ins along with many other applications the problem is when i click on one it says it can not be found.... do i need to download it as a plug-in from somewhere and if so please provide a link. thanks a million whoever can help


The script fu menu has disappeared from the toolbar after upgrading to 2.4, Hopefully someone can advise how to fix this

nothing to fix script fu that were in script fu menu now are mostly in Filter menu (a few in color menu). then the "script fu menu" may even reappear if you install script that use that menu (but are compatible with gimp 2.4)
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