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Pattern perspective script

I am looking for help and/or a script to fill a selection with a pattern and retain the previously set perspective. For example I fill a rectangle with a pattern and then set perspective. I would then like to refill this with a different pattern and when the new pattern fills the rectangle it will have the perspective already set.


I believe bootchk created a pattern fill Script-fu that would take any pattern, but fill it to look more natural if you will by using resynthesizer. Would be cool to add a perspective option to this one too. Can't find bootchk's contact info; hopefully he will read this and say yeah or nay. :)

Fill a layer with the pattern and use the perspective clone tool?

I do this, but in order to eliminate perceived destortion at the lower (bigger) end, I have to use the Perspective transform tool which gives you transparent sides. I can heal transparency, but that never really gives you desireable resutls. :)

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