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Win 7 Gimp Python and what works?

I have been trying to install the plugin for use with gimp on my windows 7 machine. Nothing seems to work. My last attempt was Gimp 2.6, Python 2.6.11, and All-in-one Installer 2.6. I can get them all installed, but when Ireinstall gimp with a custom install the Python choice is blocked. What is the latest version of Gimp, Python, etc that will work with Not what should work but a tried and proven install and use of the module?

BTW: I have checked the path for Python. I have started Python through RUN. I have the .py in the Gimp plug-ins folder.

I have not been able to get the Python plugin running through Gimp on my Win 7 machine so I'm wondering if there is some other Plugin or Script or technique that I can use to restore old pictures. Some of my pictures are faded, some are darkened, some have turned color (pink, red, orange). I have the images sanned into a .jpg format and have been trying various features of Gimp but can't seem to get it right. Filters have helped in some cases. Adding layers of blue and green may halp also, but I haven't been able to master that approach. Any suggestions?

If you have problem installing Python why not install the latest version of GIMP 2.8.2 which comes with Python package and try there? Newest version is stable and works well. And if GIMP 2.6 is so important to you, you can have both versions on your computer.

I'm not tied to GIMP 2.6. I've been told that the won't run on anything newer that 2.6. I would like to hear from someone who has used on a newer version of GIMP.

It works in GIMP 2.8.2. I've tested it on old faded photographs and it seems to be doing pretty good job.

If someone's interested here's the link to download script
Batch restore is also available there

After downloading GIMP 2.8 and getting the 64bit version I found that the doesn't work in 64 bit. Sooo, back to the downloads and I found a 32 bit version of GIMP 2.8. After moving the script into the GIMP plug-ins folder I started GIMP and behold there in the dropdown menues was Restore. And it works great. Thanksfor suggesting 2.8.

You're welcome, JoCo!
Just for other users who may read this thread and be confused. In general, Python scripts work fine on both 32 and 64-bit systems and GIMP versions, regardless of OS, as long as script is meant to work in GIMP and is up to date.
32 and 64 simply means what architecture of CPU and memory modules your computer uses. Python scripts do not interact with those directly, only through the interpreter to GTK and forth, which are in turn either 32 or 64-bit . So the issues can arise with Python interpreter itself, if you manually installed the wrong Python module (e.g. 64 for 32-bit system or older or newer than 2.6 and 2.7 version) to use it with GIMP. Uninstall all Python modules you had installed before GIMP 2.8 and re-install 64-bit GIMP on your 64-bit system. It's faster, tangibly faster.

I used 64-bit GIMP on 64-bit Win 7 to test, BTW. Everything works, of course ;)

With C plugins, yes, there could be compatibility problems, especially with 64-bit versions on 32 systems.

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