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hello i do not know how to put 2 OR 3 photos in the same time on the desk like i do either in painter or photoshop --i will appreciate if somebody help me --i did not find any informations on the tutorial -- mercy and hello from south of france

You can open them in their own image windows in multi-window mode, new tabs in single-window mode, or new layers in an exisiting image.

To put 2 image together is very simple in Photoshop. Follow these simple step
1. Open your Photoshop
2. Click on Edit Tab
3.Now open first image from your PC
4. After that open second image
5. Click crop button
6. After cropping the second image , you can click move button
7. Move second image on the first images.
You can also do some image editing if you want with your images. I think the above steps really help to to put 2 OR 3 photos in the same time on the desk.
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