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Duration 'Human Spam Filter' / Approval ?

Yesterday night I wrote a reply on a thread ( I was told after submission that it needed to be approved by actual humans. It's now 12+ hours later and I wonder whether my reply made it through the HSF. There seems to be no indication of me ever having replied at all - there is no info in my user pages (nothing under Track for instance), no email in my inbox; so I'm beginning to fear that if my reply didn't make it through the HSF, I wouldn't receive any notice of it - it would just vanish into /dev/null.

Is this the case, or would I receive a message when my reply has been approved or discarded? If there is indeed no message forthcoming, how long should I wait before assuming it has been discarded and attempt to resubmit that post (knowing it isn't spam)?

Apologies if this is answered elsewhere. I searched and browsed around, but failed to find any information as to the exact protocol.

When links are involved in a thread (especially multiple links) it could be set to prompt for approval. Although, the Mollum spam filter appears to not have a lot of love for first time posters using multiple URLs in their starting post. And from past experiences, once Mollum decides not to like the user/IP/multiple URL post, that account is pretty much considered (spam/abuse) even if it's not.

Moderators aren't notified of failed accounts, but we do come across them by either a) notifications via the user, like here, for instance. Or b) when a post is viewable to us, but considered spam and tagged (the highlighting post background is a light mauve color). Tagged posts cannot be replied to or edited. They can be deleted.

Administrators, like Ingo, are probably the only ones who receive notifications of failed accounts. However, when moderators are notified by users (the quickest option) we will try to get your account working again. But, usually, just as I mentioned in the first paragraph, it will likely require deleting the "Mollum tagged" account and creating a new user account, which have a better chance of success.

Well if the automated system is set to just delete posts with links in them then you might never see your post come up it really depends on the system that is set in place but maybe you should try to avoid using links within posts so it doesn't come up as spam o.O?

There was a problem which allowed posting by anonymous users (which is actually not what we wanted) and these posts did go into a moderation queue, which nobody looked at, because this wasn't ever intended in the first place. Sorry for that.

You will have to sign up to post forum content.

Not exactly anonymous - the configuration allowed unverified (that's what the registration confirmation mails are for) users to post, and these posts went into a moderation queue.

Some months ago, I've changed the config to only allow verified users to post, and this stopped the moderation queue from getting more messages :)

I would have deleted all that old content, though.

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