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Blank pages

Is anyone else getting tired of seeing people posting all these blank, empty pages on here? Perhaps the site should be tweaked so it won't let you post a plugin/script without either a description or at least one attachment. Or is there some purpose to these blank pages that I'm not seeing?

My guess would be that these pages are spammer generated, however, what purpose they serve I have no clue about. Once a week or so, I simply go through and delete them, but it's getting quite annoying. According to your suggestion, I have now set the minimum description length to 10 words. We'll see how that works out, thanks for the suggestion. As a side note, the spam-level on the new Drupal-based site is much, much worse than it was on the old site. I get so many bogus acount registrations, its unbelievable: These guys get through the captcha /and/ the e-mail verification. No idea how they do that, really.

i suppose that eliminate all post with no attachment or a link should help if there is no attachment and no link is not a script or a plugin. (then the risk is that may be a spammer's link or attachement, but luckily this didn't happen till now...and is not a additional risk that is in theory possible also now
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