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Image browser plugin

I am using GIMP 2.82, and my biggest gripe is, all versions including this one, is there is no image browser that I am aware of. So I preview my images I want to open in GIMP with XNView, then navigate to the folder and open them in gimp. It works fine but it is a hassle. Does anyone know of a way to preview images before clicking on them, in the file>open dialog?

How that possible ?
Sure there is a browser how you could not have seen when using File/Open ?
The preview, applied to the thumbs is automatic for image not too heavy
, for bigger files you have instead to click on the right side ...where is written "click for preview..

The default size of the thumbs as is very little but can be modified from Edit/Preferences

Anyway most of the time i do as you, i browse and with xnview and then i send to gimp
but not because gimp miss the

About the thumbnail

I think is possible to do, but i'm not sure

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