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Script doesn't work in Gimp 2.8...


I'm using a pretty useful script for years (actually it's my most used script) and it doesn't work anymore since I've upgradet from 2.6 to 2.8.

Unfortunately I have not the slightest clue about scripting or programming at all and the creator of the script is not responding to any requests.

Here's the script I'm talking about: (the "new" version)

When I try to apply this to an image Gimp responds with this error message (translated badly from german into english):
"Error in executing script-fu-max-loc-contrast:

Error: ( : 24646061) Procedure execution of gimp-selection-combine failed on invalid input arguments: Objekt »Value« (7) cannot be used because it wasn't added to an image "

Anyone here has a clue what to change about the script to work with 2.8?

Many thanks in advance!

just in case you don't get a quick reply
we often solved similar problems on
(no not a spam message but the link for a gimp help forum )

and a few bad parameters such as 2 lines in the script that read
(gimp-rect-select theImage 0 0 smwidth smheight

should have a 1 instead of FALSE as they ask for a INT32 number for parameter value (0=TRUE-1=FALSE)

The script will have to be looked over for deprecations by the author.
Have you tried contacting them?

The two errors i get running the script through console.

Error: ( : -1196300978) eval: unbound variable: roys-max-local-contrast,

script-fu-max-loc-contrastError: ( : -1196428708) eval: unbound variable: imp-progress-init
imp-progress-init should read gimp-progress-init i believe. :)
However it does indeed have gimp-progress-init there so maybe a indentation error?

I installed the old one and it works fine. :)


@PhotoComiX: Thanks for the link. I think I won't need it though.

@wacmaster: Thank you for the analysis. And you're right - the old one seems to work. *facepalm*

I'm the author, and to my great surprise, I was able to debug the script so that it works with Gimp 2.8. However, I can't get it to upload now.
The file roys-max-local-contrast_1.scm could not be saved. An unknown error has occurred.

It has not been possible to upload to this site for some time now - a pity but it looks as though the plug-in registry is dying (or that's the way it seems)

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