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poor transparency when opening .dds DXT5 files

Hi Guys,
im new to all of this and am having a problem.

I am re-texturing aircraft .dds files from FSX.

If i was using photoshop i would use a third party program ("dxtbmp") to change the dds file format to a bmp that photoshop can edit. However, since im sick of using multiple programs to import/export just to get to the editing stage, i jumped at the chance to skip a step by using GIMP with the .dds plugin!

I found the dds plugin for GIMP and have sucessfully installed it. It seems that if the file is a dxt1 type it opens perfectly.

However, if it is a dxt5 type, i have a transparency, it appears as if the transparency is set to about 50% on the main surface image. I cannot increase the actual transparency any higher as it is already at 100%. I am sure it has something to do with the alpha channel that you can see in the top RHS of the attached image. It doesnt show up in GIMP when i open the .dds dxt5 filetype whereas in DXTBmp it does as shown!

In the image example attached you will see the issue im having with a .dds dxt5 file type from fsx (the incorrectly displayed gimp image is on the left, and the correctly displayed DXTBmp image is on the right). I did a little experiment with the image and found that if i use DXTBmp to convert the image to a .dds dxt1, GIMP opens it perfectly. If i then change it back to .dds dxt 5, GIMP displays it incorrectly again.

What do i do???

GIMP DDS Plugin issue1017.43 KB

Don't know if it'll work, but something you can try: Layer->Transparency->Remove Alpha Channel with white or black as the background color. Any chance you could upload the dds somewhere?

Here's a chart at Wikipedia comparing the different compressions...
Basically, DXT1 is similar to Jpeg (no alpha), DXT3 is similar to Gif (hard alpha), & DXT5 is like a Png (partial or blended alpha).

already tried the alpha channel option. ill upload the image file in my next post. its the default crg_700 skin aircraft file from fsx. ill just startup my other computer so I can upload it.

what in gods name is with this forum engine? there is no option for me to add another attachment! You have got to be kidding me!!

this is completely stupid. im going to another forum that has a decent engine!!! this one cannot even display the bloody topics in the correct order. It cannot upload dds file formats which gimp has a plugin for! what a load of crap!

lol :)
I found a pretty active FSX forum, you'll probably get more help asking there.

i have found a better alternative anyway. there is an Nvidia plugin written for photoshop that looks least i can open and save the files in the correct format and they will also open in DXTBmp as saved by photoshop. Whilst im yet to try it out in FSX (go to shut down and boot my Win7 O/S for that), it does give me hope!

Im still really dissapointed as i really like the open source market software...i think its the way of the future for me, the developers are just individuals with a passion and a love of what they do, money aside!

nice you are back, you should not be surprised that you can't upload dds files, i believe you can't upload nothing, except , and only if you are a author ,script and plugin and at most jpg to illustrate the script

But you may well post the link for your uploaded file

Not sure if the nvidia plugin may work with gimp ,i believe not because that dds plugin was originally created to emulate the nvidia plugin

About get help you may getter better Help on forum as ...
it is true that here you may get a chance to get help or post a suggestion directly to the author, but alas, the author of the DSS plugin was never much active here and i don't think probable his reply
so you should better ask to a dedicated gimp help forum...well i already gave the link may be worth to try if the problem is still unsolved, and in case you solved, we will appreciate more detail on your solution

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