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16 Bit editing

Hello everybody

It is said that in Gimp 2.8 version one can edit 16 bit images. But I do not find this in any menu or in the "mode". I would like to save the iage as 16 bit Tiff and also open 16 bit Tiff and edit in 16 bit. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance


The 2.9 unstable branch has some higher bit support, but this is not yet available in stable 2.8

-Rob A>

as i noticed in gimp 2.9 there isn't any menu for editing the images.
i was looking for a tool to change the gain setting of an image, i imported hdr, because with exr it crashes, and i noticed that you can use the gimp tools like curves level for the same porpoise.
maybe in future some script will be build to edit the images.

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