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Download counter?

It would be nice to have a download counter on the site for scripts/plugins.
I don't know about others, but personally, knowing that my scripts are downloaded is a GREAT motivator to keep them up to date. We code for free, a download counter is a way to feel useful! :-)


That functionality is not available out of the box, but I'll see what I can do :)

See If it's Drupal, most likely someone's done it for you already ;-)

...condividere e mettere a disposizione della comunità è una bella cosa. Vedere quanti hanno apprezzato il tuo lavoro dà maggior carica a far di più e stimola altri a darsi da fare... e gratifica parecchio. Togliamo anche questo... e non rimane nulla. Mettiamolo, forza.... ...Gimp! .... piccole cose per togliersi il guinzaglio... per sempre!

Agreed. Also, it'd be a great way for new users coming to the site to see what are the "must have" plug-ins. Right now, everything is very "flat"... Anything that makes look and feel more like is a good thing ;-)
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