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gmic plugins

ps: using win 7 64 bit,


Given you downloaded and ran GMIC Windows installer from this site, it should be at the very bottom of Filters menu

Thanks for your reply. Plug-in zip file for G'MIC has been downloaded, unzipped and placed in GIMP plug-in folder as per instructions for windows 7 64 bit, but all to no avail, still doesn't come up in my filters menu. GRRR!!! Must say I've downloaded more stuff than you can shake a stick at and usually manage to work through any problems by myself but this one has me stumped! Any suggestions anyone?

There is a simple way to find all the scripts and plugins you have installed and pre-installed in GIMP. In Menubar go to Help-> Plugin Browser. Open it. In List View type G'MIC (or any other plugin you are looking for) in the search box and if you installed it correctly it must show up. Expand ListView window to the right. You gonna be able to see Menu Path, Image Types and Installation Date. If you can see G'MIC /Filters RGB*, GRAY* and the date - g'mic MUST be in Filters menu.
If you couldn't find plugin/script in Plugin Browser - there is something you had done wrong.
First off, there are two plugin folders for GIMP. One in GIMP Program directory and another in GIMP User Profile directory, that is in C:\Users\YourName\.gimp-2.x\plug-ins\. If you placed GMIC plug-in in your User Profile plugins folder, go to Menubar again, in Edit->Preferences->Folders->plugins and make sure GIMP has a path to this folder. If not, do so.
Hope this helps.
P.S. When you ask a question, please, try to be more specific about your OS and version of GIMP. I'm assuming you have GIMP 2.6 or 2.8 installed, not 2.9, right?

Went into plug-in browser, and sure enough, no GMIC plug-ins there. This is a zip file that I downloaded and extracted right into my User Profile plugin folder (also tried extracting it to a seperate folder) and have followed instructions to create a path to these locations but no luck. Maybe the problem is with the file I downloaded. I understand GMIC is only available as zip for win 7 64 bit. Can you suggest the best place to download it from? Thanks! Download Win 64 version of plugin.
Unzip it outside GIMP folders. Copy _gmic folder, gmic_gimp.exe, gmic_in_script.scm and all .dll files to your User Profile folder for plugins. Done! Your mistake was - unzipping it right into plugins folder and not specifying the path down to the last subfolder. Copy just files and subfolder mentioned above and you wont have to do anything in Edit/Preferences. Cheers!
P.S. don't forget to restart GIMP

I'm going to have another stab at it and let you know how it turns out, thanks a bunch! Toodloo!

Eureka! after all the bum steers I got (+ my own mistakes!) I am happy to report that I have followed your method to the letter and now have a spanking new set of GMIC plugins at the bottom of my filters menu in GIMP! We have a saying here in Quebec, which, loosely translated, is: if you did not exist, we would have to invent you, proxima Tori! Merci beaucoup, Toodloo!

You are welcome! Happy gimping!

Have now tried extracting it to another location (documents) and creating a pointer for it in gimp edit -preferences and (you guessed it!) still doesn't show in filters. Am about to thrown in the towel here! Help!

What you extracted from the zip was enclosed in a folder ?
If so you should OR extract from the folder and put everything (included the _gmic subfolder ) in a gimp plugin folder

or as you did place the folder where you wish and add the path from preferences, but the path should get to where is the gmic exe :
if any doubt you may get the exact path by RIGHT clicking on the gmic.exe file and choosing propiety, you may just copy that path and paste in the preferences

Also for Preferences don't forgot to Click OK before exit or no Change will be applied !

I am using GIMP2.8.2, installed G'MIC 1.5XX, in Windows 7 32 bits environment. I want to add an old filter Lens Blur, by Gentlemanbeggar, which was available in G'MIC 1.4XX.
As Lens Blur is not in G'MIC 1.5XX, I copied the source code from Gentlemanbeggar's website, and followed the instructions from
, renamed the source code file to ".gimp", and placed it under c:\user name\.gimp\_gimc
The new plug-in was not in G'MIC. So where should I place the ".gimp" file?

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