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GIMP Gap error help?

I downloaded GIMP Gap for GIMP 2.6 today (Windows 7), and downloaded a video on youtube, converting it to a bunch of files and trying to get it to work, but I kept getting this error:

"Execution error for procedure 'gimp-file-load':
Unknown file type"

I've googled so much and no one seems to know the answer. Help?? Thanks!

What type are your "bunch of files"? (.png, .jpg, etc)

I've used MP4, AVI, FLV, 3GP...
Well, I thought that was more last night lol but yeah.

To open video files in GAP, you need to use one of the options under "Video->Split Video To Frames". This will convert the video file to a sequence of image files (.png, .jpg, or .xcf) which can then be processed with GAP.

I do, and each time, no matter what file I use, it does the same thing.

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