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Scripts vs Plug ins..

So I may be an Idiot I don't know. But please don't bash me to much. I am very new to the whole using gimp for my photo editing software.


What Exactly is a Script.
What Exactly is a Plug In.

And How do I install each one?

I have Gimp 2.8 and Windows 64Bit version.

PLUG-INS mostly written (as GIMP itself) in C programming language. Other plugins are actually SCRIPTS written in Script-Fu (TinyScheme), Python and Perl, three main scripting languages supported by GIMP. There are other languages (like Ruby and C#) but most of the SCRIPTS you will find on this website are written either in Script-Fu (.scm) or Python (.py).
Script-Fu scripts (.scm) go to scripts folder in C:\Users\Username\.gimp2.8\scripts
Python scripts (.py) and C Plug-ins (.exe or indicated as Application in Windows Explorer) go to C:\Users\Username\.gimp2.8\plugins.
Still with me?
SCRIPTS are good to use in any Operating system. So, basically, any SCM or PY script is good to use in your Win 7 GIMP 2.8 environment. Just make sure script is compatible with the version of GIMP you're using. Some old scripts, when not updated, could be unusable in newer versions, because newer version of GIMP means program's API has been changed to some extent.
With C plugins it's more complicated. In most cases you copy them ALSO to plugin folder (with PY scripts). But... Unlike SCRIPTS they should be compiled (translated) into machine's language. Simply speaking, C plug-ins compiled for Linux do not work in Windows or Mac and Vice Versa. Pre-compiled C plugins are called executables or binaries. Make sure that C plugin you downloaded is pre-compiled for (mean to work in) Windows.
If plugin is available for download as Windows installer - just download and run the installer. If it's a ZIP file - download it, unpack and copy to the destination folder. Some C plugins come with lib**.dll files, in most cases you copy them with plugin. Best way to do things is to follow READ ME files or developer's web-page where the author gives detailed installation instructions.

Hope this helped

Thanks, you've been helping me out a lot, thank you so much. :D

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