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2.8.0 Constantly crashing


I downloaded GIMP a few days ago to replace an expired trial of PSElements. After the initial set up stage, GIMP has been crashing every time I do anything besides a simple manipulation. I had no issues when I was making my own blog header and watermark but photo manipulation seems to keep crashing the program. I cannot even finish working on one photo without it crashing withing 2 minutes (I timed it!)

I looked for any patches but there don't seem to be any available since this is the latest version. I am running Windows 7 but I'm really not savvy enough to switch over operating systems right this moment. Any suggestions on what might be crashing my editor?


Check the desktop display depth - if it is set to 16 bit, change that to 32.

It could be indeed display settings, like Michael mentioned, but I can remember having such a problem when I was running early versions of GIMP 2.6 series on 32-bit Windows years ago. GIMP was either very slow or crashed all the times. And it was due to other reason.
GIMP does a pretty good job at detecting your system's configurations, including monitor settings. Sometimes its not enough to run GIMP. Try to assign at least half of your computer's max capabilities to GIMP resource consumption (Edit->Preferences->Environment), e.g. Max undo memory and Tile cache size - at least 1/2 of your RAM GiB, max to the Number of processors to use.
If it still didn't get you anywhere try to change Color Management in Preferences - Mode of operation to No Color Management. Although it's not the best way to do things in GIMP (, it did help me more than it did by changing resource consumption.

There are currently no known crashes due to color management (some sort of slowdown, yes, but no crashes).

Thanks! I've got more pictures to work on tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to use one of these things to speed up the editing process.

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