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saving layers

hello.. i have had gimp for awhile but this is my first time im REALLY using it for something with worth.

what im doing is building a interface for a phone i have designed each image/buttons for the interface and to make sure it all lined up i made each button a different layer. now there is 20 or so layers that makes up the complete interface.

what i need to do is have each layer save as a separate image.
is there anyway to do this without going in and deleting all the other layers then saving JUST one at a time?

if its stuff i need such as plugins just let me know.



> is there anyway to do this without going in and deleting all > the other layers then saving JUST one at a time? If you perform a "File->Save As" on a multi-layer image and choose a file format (extension) which only supports single layers (PNG, JPG, for example) or to a GIF (which can only support layers as an animation) then you will prompted with an Export Dialog offering you a few different options ("Flatten", "Merge Visible Layers", etc). If you click on the "Ignore" button at the bottom of the dialog, the layer disposal options are ignored and the currently active layer is saved. If you'd rather install a script which saves all layers as separate images, there are several available that will accomplish the task. I've even written one myself which is available from the link below. Instructions are contained in the comments.

Hello Saulgoode,

Thanks for that very nice script it is exactly what i was looking for but i have to admit that i am too stupid to find your Instructions in the comments.

I tried to run the script but since this is the first time i use a gimp script i really have no clue if i managed to do it in the correct way.

If someone could post me a quick step by step manual i would be really grateful! (I managed to install it and to select it but when i try to run it, it tells me: "> run sg-save-all-layers run-mode image drawable string toggle
Error: eval: unbound variable: run"

Thanks in advance!


The video on youtube referred above no longer exists. it's like the creator of the scrips disappeared and he took his script with him. :(
I am really very surprised that such a basic functionality was never incorporated into gimp.

Thanks a lot. You're so cool!
I wanted to use Photoshop patterns but I had to do many things. Download PAT loader, open PAT file and save each layer into each file. It always takes me much time. So now with your script, It's much easier.

I clicked on the link but the site no longer exists. Wasn't this script ever added to the official gimp repository of scripts?? It should have been added a long time ago.

Google the script name, you'll get a few hits. GimpTalk even has the script in text form. Be prepared to scroll through comments.

Here is a link to where that script currently resides:

Good script, that should be there by default. Using Gimp 2.6. I slightly modified it to support folder prepending, since I couldn't find where all the images went. It can be found at:

You can set it in the program shortcut, among other possibilities.

I must be missing something. I see that this script is not exactly what I need. I have an xcf with a dozen or so layers. One layer that I use as the background is always on and any combination of the other layers are turned on to represent a current configuration of a product. So any given image I need to create I can leave the background visible and turn on any combination of other layers. I am looking for a script that can cycle through all of the layers combinations and create an export for web jpg or png image for each one ....any idea if this is being done? Thanks

1) Select the layer
2) Copy it (Ctrl + C)
3) File > Create > From Clipboard (Ctrl + Shift + V)
4) File > Export (Ctrl + E)
5) Pick the format you like (e.g. Click "Select File Type" and start typing "png")
6) Export (Enter)

Gimp supports hotkeys all along the way so you can do it very fast.

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