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Updated to Drupal 7

The site has been updated to Drupal 7. This has meant modifications to a number of modules. Please comment if something doesn't work as it used to.

Update: Ahem... It seems as if some users couldn't comment anymore. This should now be fixed, please let me know if there are any remaining issues.


No way to go and see the pages beginning with letters after the D. Neither can I browse by tags.


Tags: "The requested page "/type_tags" could not be found. "

That relied on a module which is no longer safe for use. I'll look into alternatives, there are a couple.

This should be fixed now, it was a problem in the conversion of the view.

1. No possibility to update the text of my plugin (= indexprint) only an empty field for a short description shows up.

2. After hitting save (I didn't enter word verification) I get the message enter word verification but there is no word verification anymore.

3. Voting results: why two up and two down??

I am still unable to modify my plugin (indexprint). The textfield is completly empty I don't see any text to modify !!!

I'm not sure if we should add questions... what's their benefit? We even got an example of wrong usage, if I'm not mistaken.

Where do you see wrong usage?

Regarding the benefit of questions, I have had several complaints that the current list of comments is unwieldy and it is hard to find something which has already been answered. Particularly when there has been a discussion going on, the correct answer won't be marked.

In contrast, Questions are a dedicated type, which can be displayed easily in various places, and sub-selected to display only some questions. One can also determine a "Best Answer" identifying the result of a discussion. Furthermore, Questions and Answers support Voting, which is not currently enabled but planned for the future, to determine good answers in a community fashion.

Ideally, Questions could also replace the forum.

Example of wrong usage:

(new question opened instead of a reply)

That use is actually correct -- it is an answer, and is displayed with the question, as seen at

Why did you think its wrong?

Regarding Mollom, I'll check into that.

I though that is was wrong because it is hard to tell what's a question and a reply, and because the question itself is not shown when you open a reply directly.

This site becomes unreadable.
Even before, I did not like the fact that answers most recent appear sometimes in the middle of the other answers (For example, the answer you are reading).

Now it's worse because of the new features:
In the main page, there are two columns without separator. Images beyond the other column (I'm using Firefox and I forced myself to open IE to see that this is the same thing).
Also in the main page ( or, there is a link (lost in the page) to go to page 2, but in fact the page 2 is page 1 with the same subjects (

Links can be questions as answers. In short, there is no hierarchy. Example, I read a "subject" which nobody answered, but what was the question? (

Sorry to say this, but what a disaster!
I noticed, however, a good presentation of "Tags:", "GIMP Version:", "Code License:" ...

BTW, do we have to enable Mollom for questions? I don't see any mollom-backed delete buttons there.

New home page 2-column format gives image/text overlapping in Google Chrome and IE, the same image not displayed in Mozilla

Same in Firefox...

And more problems: look at the bottom the "pagenumbers" are only under the first column not under both.

Yeah, the pager setting is inconsistent. Again, I didn't get around to that, yet, but its on the list.

I too can confirm the pre-mentioned problems of visualization with regards to Firefox.
Also note that, as for the left column, the number of comments added to each posted script or plugin is no longer previewed underneath the brief description, unlike what used to happen before with the old single-column based layout.
I do think at least this significant feature is worth restoring.

Okay, its restored now, but beware that the default comment setting is now closed, in favor of questions. The authors can enable it at their discretion, but the default is to use questions/answer instead.

Yeah, I need to add a CSS overflow specification that cuts or scales down such images. Didn't get around to that, yet. I thought it isn't so bad in the meantime, or does it annoy you greatly? Sorry, but time is a bit limited here.

Why are the attachment located at the top now?? If I'm doing a search I see first the attachments instead of a short description.

Should be fixed. That seems to have been a problem due to the upgrade process.


Another question. Why are not the first few lines listed in a search. In most cases the first few lines gives a description of the plugin/script.

As a logged in user, I am not allowed to add new content in the Help forum "You are not allowed to post new content in the forum.
" (ie, can't create new topic).

Also, why on earth, as a bona fide logged in user, should I have to answer to captchas when answering posts especially considering how inefficient this seems be to to keep spammers at bay.... (like this guy right below). All in all this site ends up being a lot less usable than all the PHPBB-based forums I use.

The registry gets attacked by spammers a lot more than usual forums, because we have a fairly decent google rank. The usual captcha/spam filter stuff keeps a lot away, but due to the high volume, some still comes through. They do manage to turn away a couple thousand spam comments every day, so a few getting through is actually already pretty good.

For the moment, we can put you into another role and then you won't have to answer captchas anymore. We do that manually, precisely because the automatic process isn't foolproof.

That said, the work here isn't done, yet. The new question/answer thing should, eventually, lead up to voting on questions and answers, and users wil be getting points for upvoted answers (like on stackexchange) and other good stuff. Once your point level raises beyond a certain point, you will automatically be put into better roles. We still need a bit more configuration to get that fully turned on, however, please bear with us.

In the meantime, I'll fix the permissions on the forum.

New home page has become crowded if not messy. I don't like the idea of Newest Questions taking up too much space, it's a Plugin Registry, after all. Is it possible to move this section to the right (headers only) - somewhere in between Active forum topics and Recent comments? Ask a Question button wasn't a bad idea but should redirect visitors to FAQ & How To's before they can post their questions. A reminder for the visitors asking question or adding new comment to indicate their OS and version of GIMP (could be in a form of drop down menu) would also be very helpful. Thanks

The Active forum topics doesn't update anymore when spam (or duplicates) are deleted.

James Joyce would love the new look but not me. Hope you folk can fix the messy look of this site and it doesn't become a feature. :)

I hope so too.

I deleted a spam message but even if deleted the title remain well visible in the "Active forum topics" list
The deleted page was

It takes a few minutes, the block content is cached. It should be gone after a while, though.

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