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where is my script-fu

hey help me find my script-fu. I already had download it on my mac, and now its missing, where in the f..k did it go!!! I use it for one day, and now it gone missing,,, don't know why.... Ive tried reinstalling it again and again but it won't show up on my toolbar where it should be, can anyone tell me why ??? what can i do to fix this problem.


it would be helpful if you told us what script you trying to install.

FYI, I am using Linux, theoretically OSX is similar in many ways as it too is Unix based. Thus perhaps some of the directory paths are the same.

typical two areas of Script-Fu (.scm) storage are:
/home/userid/.gimp-2.6/scripts and
/usr/share/gimp/2.0/scripts (< - - this is location of mine, Debian based Linux distro Ubuntu)

typical areas of Python (.py) storage are:

To find the location of the Script-Fu (Scheme) scripts I do one of the following, first requires a Terminal Window (Is it called a Terminal or Console in Mac OS X?) and the dpkg package (or something similar, dpkg might be specific to debian Linux based distros)

The second uses Gimp's GUI... one or both should work.

Finally I mention the Linux/Unix find and whereis commands. In case the above two methods do not get you the information you need. Remember that when looking at the info/man pages of any unix/linux commands, there will be other useful commands mentioned that could help you.

~1) Command Line / Terminal / Console:
dpkg -L gimp | grep plug-ins

For me returned all current python scripts
~$ dpkg -L gimp | grep plug-ins (dpkg is a separate package/install in Debian)
/usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/script-fu <-- this is the Script-Fu one location.


Not sure why I did not see the Script-Fu files....

~2) GUI inside Gimp
Gimp / Edit / Preferences / Folders / Scripts

For completeness:
Gimp / Edit / Preferences / Folders / Plug-Ins ~ for Python .py script location.

Remember that Linux/Unix has many commands to find files on a system. (should work on OS X) First become sudo / root user / admin user (sudo -i in debian based Linux distros)
sudo -i
cd /
find . -name part-of-name-tosearch-for* If I was looking for a script called enlarge.scm from the command line I would use

find . -name enlarge* OR
find . -name enlarge.scm

man find or info find to see the man pages on find. Very helpful when looking for files. Another Unix command is whereis but you have to have the exact spelling as wild cards do not work.

whereis enlarge.scm (not sure if this would find it or not)

you could use this
cd /
find . -name *.scm

cd / gets you to the root directory (make sure you are superuser)
the find command says (.) start here and find all files with any name and a file extension of .scm

If its on your hard drive, that command should find it. If it does not find it...something deleted it.

Hope this helps you. CB

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